Animal Rights Events This Summer

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Animal Rights Events This Summer

#1 Postby robert » Mon May 09, 2005 11:45 pm

Here is some info I got from (a site you should all check out sometime).

If you are able to, try and plan on attending one of the four great 2005 summer conferences & festivals. Each one is a visit to the Garden of Eden. You'll be physically and intellectually nourished on all aspects of vegetarianism. I urge you to make plans to take off a week or even a long weekend to hear America's most informed and inspirational speakers. Your attendance can add years to your life, and will return dividends on your investment of time and dollars.

Where: The Farm, Summertown, Tennessee
When: August 10-14
Contact: (856) 694-2887


North American Vegetarian Society Summerfest
Where: Johnstown, PA When: June 29-July 3
Phone: (518) 568-7970

This not-to be missed event is set for the conference center at Pitt-Johnstown on the picturesque 650-acre campus of the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, PA

Opportunities to Meet Others of Like Mind
 Hundreds of attendees - all ages
 Social gatherings for everyone: singles, couples and families
Great Natural-Food Vegan Meals
 Prepared under the direction of "Gold Medal Winning" chef
 Many organic ingredients


FARM Animal Rights Conference Where: Los Angeles, CA
When: July 7-July 11
Phone: (888) 327-6872

Rawstock Where: Sebastopol, California
When: August 26-29
Phone: (707) 829-0362

Come to the greatest raw health festival on Earth! Last year we perfected it and this year we are going way beyond. This will be our last event at Macdonald Farm, so come and experience the magic of “raw school” in the orchard, under the apple trees; meet new vibrant brothers and sisters; reconnect with dear ones; enjoy the most incredible fresh figs, grapes. melons, tomatoes and other peak-of summer fresh delectables; camp; dance, groove and have the time of your life!

All-u-can-eat organic fruits & veggies * everyone is required to bring 5 lbs. of organic raw fruits or veggies PER DAY (Sat. & Sun. only) - THAT’S 10 LBS. OF FOOD TOTAL. PLEASE DO NOT BRING APPLES OR CARROTS * over 60 presentations & acts per day including inspiring raw health, nutrition and permaculture talks and discussion groups answering every question you have with congruent messages rooted in “Natural Hygiene” – the true science & fine art of healthful living; the world’s most successful health system for 200+ years * amazing inspirational healing testimonials * healthful raw food cuisine demos * live music galore * dancing * yoga * tai chi * fitness classes * sport games * earth-healing circles * camping * massage * foot baths * Russian River canoeing Monday (optional) * eco-health goods & books for sale * child fun care * bamboo flute making * community connection * pure healthful fun under the trees, on the water & in the sun!

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#2 Postby robert » Mon May 16, 2005 7:59 pm

More info on the Animal Rights Conference in 2005

The program schedule for the Animal Rights 2005 National Conference is now posted at AR 2005 features 100 sessions taking place over four days, including workshops, rap sessions, campaign reports, and high-level discussions of movement issues and tactics. The 90 presenters represent the broad political and geographic spectrum of our movement. Speakers include Lorri Bauston, Michael Budkie, Theo Capaldo, Lawrence Carter-Long, Karen Davis, Karen Dawn, Michael Greger, Tippi Hedren, Alex Hershaft, Steve Hindi, Kevin Jonas, Patrice Jones, Elliot Katz, Greg Lawson, Howard Lyman, Anthony Marr, Michael Mountain, Martin Rowe, Jerry Vlasak, Paul Watson, Persia White and many others.

Special features of the conference include newcomer orientation, California network planning, an employment clearinghouse, 90 exhibits of animal rights literature and vegan products, 80 video screenings, networking receptions, and an awards banquet.

The conference will be held at the superb Westin LAX Hotel in Los Angeles, a facility that features fabulous accommodation rates with free dog beds, cruelty-free personal care products, discounted vegan meals, low-cost parking, a free airport shuttle, and use of the hotel's magnificent Grand Ballroom and Video Theater. More than a thousand people representing 80 groups are expected to attend.

To take advantage of the current discounted rate, please visit before May 15. Low-income and work discounts are still available.


Registration (4pm-10pm) Welcome Reception (4-5:30pm) Dinner (5:30-7pm) Opening Plenary (7:20-9:30pm) Musical Interlude I Welcome Program Preview Historic Overview (history of the U.S. animal rights movement) State of Our Movement (progress and prospects in four key areas of animal abuse) Keynote Address I Networking Reception I (9:30-11pm)

Friday, July 8 Group Workouts I (7:30-8:15am) Breakfast (8-8:45am) Registration (8am-6pm) Exhibits and Videos (9am-6pm) Newcomer Orientation (9-11am)
(animal rights, perceptions of animals, animals for food, animals for research, animal companions, wildlife, vegan lifestyle, activism, legislation, AR movement, AR2005)

Workshops (Issues, Organizing, Remedies) 9am Abuse of Animal Companions (videos and Q&A about abuse of dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, birds (two hours)) Individual Activism (personal acts: writing, calling, T-shirts/stickers, workplace outreach) Nature of Social Change (nature of social struggle, stages of social change, recognizing victory) 10am Abuse of Animals in Laboratories (videos and Q&A about abuse of animals in biomedical education, testing, research (two hours)) Effective Interviews (getting our message out to media and others under diverse conditions) Applying Direct Action (getting attention and changing behavior through economic & social action) 11am Effective Negotiating (getting your way with local authorities and other potential partners) Coping with Law Enforcement (communications, permits, arrests, jail time, grand juries, law suits) Lunch (12-1pm) Workshops (Issues, Organizing, Remedies) & Raps 1:30pm Abuse of Animals for Amusement (videos and Q&A about circuses, zoos, rodeos, racing, hunting, 'sport' fishing, fur (two hours))

Saturday, July 9 Group Workouts II (7:30-8:15am) Breakfast (8-8:45am) Registration (8am-2pm) Exhibits and Videos (9am-6pm) Workshops (Issues, Organizing, Remedies) & Raps 9am Animal Perceptions (public perceptions and roles of animals; the role of language) Effective Investigations (need, opportunity, persistence, equipment, access, authority) Engaging Children (nutrition education, cafeteria vegan options) What Rights? Which Animals? (what rights should we advocate for which animals? should similarity to us matter?) 10am Animal Cognition (how animals learn, think, and communicate) Effective Writing (letters, articles, fact sheets, brochures, newsletters, advertising copy) Engaging Youth (school groups, cafeteria vegan options, rock concerts, literature distribution) Your Son Or the Rat? (whose life do we value? is there a species barrier or is it a relationship issue?) 11am Animal Spirituality (discovering and defining our spiritual bond with animals) Effective Publications (computer programs, fonts, photos, paper, printer relations) Engaging Religion (Christian, Jewish, Moslem, and minor religious denominations) When Is Killing OK? (attacking animals? unwanted dogs & cats? unwanted or deformed fetuses?) Lunch (12-1pm) Workshops (Organizing, Remedies) &Raps 1:30pm Commonality of Oppression (commonalities of oppressing animals, children, women, others) Effective Broadcasting (broadcast e-mailing and faxing, listservs, interactive websites) Engaging Public Interest (health, environment, hunger, women, ethnic, peace movements) Which Movement Priorities? (which animals? welfare/abolition? advocacy/sanctuaries?) 2:30pm Relating to Urban Wildlife (dealing with rodents, feral cats, deer, and other urban wildlife) Effective Presentations (type, purpose, format/setting, audience, preparation, delivery, visuals) Engaging the Media (news releases, opinion pieces, talk shows, feeding and care, framing events) What Price Animal Liberation? (how far should we go to liberate animals? what tactics should be off-limits?) 3:30pm Keeping Exotic Companions (problems of breeding, trading, and keeping exotic companions) Effective Advertising (newspapers, public transport, billboard, radio/TV, stunts) Engaging the Workplace (in-house lectures, observances, food/literature distribution, posters) What Price Solidarity? (what tactics/statements by other groups should we tolerate for the sake of unity?) 4:30pm Abusing Our Cousins (abuse and trade of primates for food, research, and exhibition) Effective Videos (producing & airing of TV documentaries and PSAs) Engaging the Community (identifying and utilizing community issues, allies, and opportunities) How Can We All Get Together? (what are the opportunities and obstacles? how to get started? how to continue?) Dinner (5:30-7pm) Plenary Session III (7:20-9:30pm) Musical Interlude III Announcements III Paths to Animal Liberation (how aggressively should we pursue animal liberation) Keynote Address III Networking Reception III (9:30-11pm)

Sunday, July 10
Group Workouts III (7:30-8:15am)
Breakfast (8-8:45am)
Registration (8am-12pm)
Exhibits and Videos (9am-6pm)
Workshops (Issues, Organizing, Remedies) & Reports
Abuse Abroad (animal abuse in other countries)
Fund Raising & Management (direct mail, events, planned giving, foundations, accounting & audits)
Engaging Business (reaching food manufacturers and retailers, corporate advertisers, trade threat)
Research/Training Programs (Dawn Watch, Edletters, Farm Animal Archive, Farm Animal Watch, Kinship Circle)
Animals and Global Trade (impacts of global trade on animal abuse)
Running a Local Group (recruiting, officers, by-laws, incorporation, planning, outreach)
Engaging Politicians (obtaining position and platform plank, educating delegates, electioneering)
Diet Campaigns (reports on campaigns to reduce the consumption of animal products)
Foreign Laws (prominent animal protection laws in other countries)
Running a Sanctuary (land, zoning, animal acceptance and maintenance, staffing)
Engaging Abroad (affecting public opinion and policies in other countries)
Agriculture Campaigns (reports on campaigns to reduce the abuse of farmed animals)
Lunch (12-1pm)
Workshops (Issues, Organizing, Remedies) & Reports
Legal Personhood (ability to petition and litigate on behalf of animals and corporations)
Running Events (objectives, action plan, resource inventory, publicity, media, policing)
Effective Tactics for Agriculture (tactics for ending abuse of animals used for food)
Research Campaigns (reports on campaigns to reduce the number and abuse of animals in laboratories)
Farm/Slaughter Legislation (legislation and enforcement of laws protecting farmed animals)
Building Networks (forming effective state and regional networks and PACs)
Effective Tactics for Research (tactics for ending abuse of animals used for research)
Companion Campaigns (reports on campaigns to reduce the population and abuse of animal companions)
Animal Welfare Act (implementation of AWA in labs, puppy mills, zoos, circuses)
Forging Coalitions (types of coalitions, identifying prospects, feeding and care, case studies)
Effective Tactics for Companions (tactics for ending abuse of animal companions)
Amusement Campaigns (reports on campaigns to reduce animal abuse in rodeos, circuses, zoos, aquariums)
Wildlife Protection Laws (legislation and enforcement of laws protecting animals in the wild)
Dealing with Industry Tactics (tactics used by animal exploiters to divide and conquer our movement)
Effective Tactics for Amusement (tactics for ending abuse of animals used for amusement)
Wildlife Campaigns (reports on campaigns to reduce extermination of animals in fields and waterways)
Banquet (6-7pm)
Closing Plenary (7:20-9:30pm)
Musical Interlude IV
Announcements IV
AR2005 Report
Awards Ceremony (Youth Activist, Grassroots Activist, Celebrity Activist, Hall of Fame)
Keynote Address IV
Closing Reception IV (9:30-11pm)

Monday, July 11
Breakfast (8-8:45am)
Verbal Communication Training (9am-12noon)
(hands-on training in public speaking, negotiation, debating)
Humane Education Training (9am-12noon)
(hands-on training in humane education)
Lunch (12-1pm)

Additional activities are being planned by other groups for the afternoon

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#3 Postby kollision » Mon May 16, 2005 9:57 pm

I remember you sent this to me. I wish I could go but the prices are high and I have no money. THanks for all this info though, will come in handy to other people.

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