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Liz's Journal

#1 Postby liz halliburton » Thu Jul 06, 2006 2:35 pm

This is my current schedule. I am new to building muscle weight, so remember, I realize this is probably not real tough. I don't know all the names of the exercises, but you will get the idea. All units are in lbs. I am currently 5'5" 130 @ about 19% BF

I try to do high weight/low rep for two sets then I bump up the weight and do a super low rep(5-6) for my final set

Seated Leg Press- 175x10---195x5-6
"toe push ups" on leg press- 195x10---210x6
Leg curls- 75x10---90x5-6
Leg Extensions- 45x10---55x5-6

Barbell Bench on Ball- each arm25x10---30x5
One knee on ball pull weight up?- 25x10---30x5
Assisted Pullups- less 50x10---less 40x5
Assisted Dips- less 40x10---less 35x5
Bicep Curls- 45x10---45x6
Standing push downs- 40x10---45x6
Weight over head bend @ elbow 25x10---35x6

1 minute plank X 2---1.5min plank X 1
30 second side planks X3
10 minute cardio---holding 25lb weight (that is my total body fat weight)

I carry this weight from exercise to exercise to remind me of my total fat.

Cardio/fat burning exercises (swimming, cycling, running, hard tennis)

I am aiming to decrese total body fat %, even if I gain weight...if it is muscle...GREAT!!! I want to have total muscle definition...STRENGTH STRENGTH STRENGTH



#2 Postby veganpotter » Thu Jul 06, 2006 5:59 pm

What length triathlons are you training for...alot of pro women that aren't tall purposefully keep from getting lean. Men can't seem to get away with it but women are very good at that. I raced against the NCAA triathlon champ in a
bike race and she definately suprised me with how well she did since she finished 6th in a short distance race with a bunch of really lean guys.

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