TAKE ACTION Primate Cruelty at Covance

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TAKE ACTION Primate Cruelty at Covance

#1 Postby kollision » Sat May 21, 2005 1:42 am

Another reason why we are a tyranical race. THis really pisses me off, I need to stop reading these stuff sometimes because it gets me really angry that no one wants to see.

What if some huge, physically overpowering people held you captive and did painful things to you each day? What if they made fun of you when you screamed out of fear, cursed you for no reason, and threw you—literally threw you—back into a cage when they were finished roughing you up? Wouldn't you freeze in terror every time the door opened? Heart racing, you might wish to be invisible to your captors, but you never would be. The anxiety alone would be almost unbearable. It sounds like a nightmare, doesn't it? It is, and it's what monkeys endure in this and other laboratories every day.

Video: http://www.covancecruelty.com/index.asp?c=957reg

PETA's investigator was hired by Covance as a technician and worked inside the company's primate testing lab in Vienna, Virginia, from April 26, 2004, to March 11, 2005. The investigator's video documentation inside the lab started on July 30, 2004, and what she documented-the terror, sadness, sickness, injuries, suffering, and deaths of monkeys from the wild and Covance's own breeding facilities—will leave even the staunchest supporter of animal testing ashamed and all good people clamoring for justice. It will also make it perfectly clear that government oversight of labs such as Covance is a farce.

At Covance, animal technicians called the head veterinarian "Mr. Let's Wait and See." The primate staff—even those who were, themselves, often cruel to the monkeys—complained repeatedly about a young monkey with a broken arm being left untreated in his cage for four days. Apparently, "Mr. Let's Wait and See," the head vet at Covance, didn't know what to do about the bone break, and so he waited for a junior veterinarian to return from her time off. The junior vet immediately ordered the animal euthanized as the break was too severe to repair. She discovered and disclosed that the head veterinarian had given the baby monkey a drug that had little more effect than that of an aspirin for his unimaginable pain.

Other Documented Horrors for Animals at Covance

* Striking and choking "uncooperative" monkeys
* Screaming curses at frightened, sick monkeys
* Slamming monkeys into their cages after they've had dosing tubes rammed down their throats
* Hosing down cages with monkeys still inside, soaking the animals
* A loose monkey terrorized by a technician who slams cages into walls to scare the animal out of hiding
* Monkeys with chronic rectal prolapses-painful protrusions of the intestines through the rectum-resulting from constant stress and diarrhea
* Monkeys who died horribly in tests for a drug company-the veterinarian was forbidden to examine them or provide any treatment, including euthanasia
* Small monkeys dosed with large tubes forced up their nostrils and down into their stomachs, causing choking, gagging, and daily bloody noses
* Monkey self-mutilation resulting from Covance's failure to provide psychological enrichment and socialization
* Injuries left untreated until they became necrotic
* Nonstop blaring rock music

Get Active:

* Please take a moment to spread the word to compassionate friends, coworkers, neighbors, and family members.
* Write to Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns using our automatic e-mail form.

Help take action by going to this site: http://www.covancecruelty.com/insideCovanceUS.asp

Thank you

EDIT: European Residents
In Europe, write to your MEP and urge him or her to support calls to outlaw the use of primates in research within the European Union. Although this investigation took place in the U.S., the investigation at a Covance laboratory in Germany exposed similar findings, and it is clear that monkeys are suffering throughout the whole of Europe right now!

Thank you!

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