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Chris's Log

#1 Postby Illest » Tue Mar 22, 2011 9:55 pm

Alright I've decided to really get serious about this. I don't want to bulk up really I just want a slim toned look. It's better than my current shape. But I really don't know how to approach this whole thing. I've been going to the gym and running an hour for a few weeks but that's about it. As for diet I've eaten pretty unhealthy vegan food but I'm on the right path now. I've been eating more grilled vegetables, tofu. I snack on almonds and other nuts throughout the day. What would be the best way to keep this going and achieve results.

So far I'm doing

1 hour at the gym everyday

Eating small meals throughout the day=drinking plenty of water.

Any advice as I'm fairly new to all this.

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