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Re: SOY YOGURT, nonfermented soy. Soy Myths - Dr. Marcola

#1 Postby wispyman » Wed Nov 23, 2011 12:33 am

Over the past month, I've just suddenly realized this as well. Without tofu and soy protein isolate, it makes the vegan diet oh so stale. Soy was the only thing keeping me strong on the vegan diet, but without it I don't know how to eat mixed meals anymore. It's either PB+J, beans and rice, beans and soup, bagels, rice protein shakes, broccoli with peas and quinoa. I mean sure you mix the beans with the quinoa or add some broccoli to the beans and rice, but I'm ending up eating the same meals every single day. Usually 2 PBJ meals, 2 bagels, some sort of beans and rice are eaten everyday. It's driving me crazy slowly. Vegetarianism may be the better option at this point.

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Re: SOY YOGURT, nonfermented soy. Soy Myths - Dr. Marcola

#2 Postby VeganEssentials » Wed Nov 23, 2011 1:07 am

Mercola isn't always spot-on with things, and there are plenty of very reputable sources out there who will be quick to point out that

1. He's out to sell you something, and needs an angle for a sales pitch. It isn't as if he's simply seeing patients daily now, he's running an empire that needs people to pay for his online "services" and other supplement products, and

2. Many of the things he has said over the years that are claimed as 100% fact have been very shaky, often citing studies that aren't really trustworthy and twisting them to suit his agenda of whatever he's telling you to either buy (from his products, of course) or not to buy (so he can write another article about the dangers of food/product/supplement X)

Not that being a peddler of products or services means you can't have a lot of great info, but there are a lot of people out there who have been saying that Mercola isn't really correct about many facets of diet and health that would make me think twice about taking his info as fact without doing a LOT more reserach. Not to mention that I've seen writings from Mercola that seem to infer that a vegan diet will inevitably turn you toward an early grave, so that right there is enough for me to not want to know much more about the other things he's saying these days!
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