Any Vegans, Vegan clubs in NorCal?

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Any Vegans, Vegan clubs in NorCal?

#1 Postby Cellar Yeti » Thu Apr 25, 2013 12:20 pm

Well the story is I used to live in CT but moved to CA to keep my sister company while her husband was deployed. I then decided to travel around the USA a bit and ended up back in San Diego CA. Soon thereafter my mom wanted to leave CT so I drove out and collected her and now we have a place together in SoCal. Problem is my sis is starting a family soon and my brother in law will be re stationed back East and my mom wants to go help her raise her kid. So sometime early next year I am looking at being on my own again and SoCal is just too expensive so I want to move somewhere more affordable that has similar weather to Idylwilld CA, where I am now.

I used to be anti-social and still am to a certain extent but I really want to change my ways and join a club or something and meet people, get my life going, you know? I don't really have any desire to be around omnivores, or even potentially date an omnivore so I am looking at Vegan/Vegetarian clubs and athletic clubs.

The skinny and short is; are any Vegans from NorCal aware of any Vegan clubs I can attend? I'd move to Portland Oregon but TBH I love CA and I cannot deal with gloomy crummy climates. I picked the Redding area thus so far because of it's moderate sunny climate and affordable rentals, as well Redding isn't in the midst of a massive city (I really detest living in cities)

Thanks. (:
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Re: Any Vegans, Vegan clubs in NorCal?

#2 Postby muchidna » Thu Apr 25, 2013 10:30 pm

Should try googling "vegan", going to google maps and look around your new area for some hits

other than that, you could try just googling "vegan, vegetarian" etc + your area in google

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