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    • So... we are doomed... 😱😢

      I'll try to incorporate fasted cardio some mornings of the week, see how that goes... I have the feeling that my life is cooking and exercising... on top of my day job. I can't afford to lower my guard...

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    • I am post menopausal and I can completely relate to the difficulty in fat loss.  I have been able to put on muscle with a high weight, low rep regimen.  I agree with Anita as far as things that I have tried.  The only thing which has really helped, but was difficult is logging of meals.  But its a struggle and definitely becomes more difficult.  

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    • I can completely relate to this.  I'm 48 and began menopause 3 years ago and have had a difficult time losing weight as well.  I've also noticed my stomach and arms have been problem areas where they never were in the past.  I'm new to plant based eating and have done high protein (mostly animal based) low carb (clean) diets in the past which helped me lose the weight and lean out but it was not sustainable.  I've only recently (past 3 months) cut out all meat, eggs and dairy and have been eating primarily WFPB but I'm having a hard time leaning out the way I did in the past.  

      I'd also appreciate hearing what others have done who have experience in this area.


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    • I'm guessing no women athletes over 50 here?!?!

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    • Hi everyone!

      I don't know if I selected the right forum for this but anyway...

      I'm 51 years old and on menopause for 4 years now...

      I've been struggling a lot with post-menopausal weight gaining. I'm gaining muscle (I can feel it) and I'm getting stronger but I don't seem to be able to lose the fat (mostly arms and belly).

      Any suggestions? anyone struggling with the same problem?


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