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    • thanks for sharing)

    • Jack - I'm a huge fan of the Omega 8006 slow juicer. I bought it 5 years ago when I went plant-based (to heal from cancer) and it has been an absolute workhorse! It's very reliable and fairly easy to clean.  My sister just bought the same model yesterday (after seeing how healthy I've become following this WFPB lifestyle). With that said, I just bought a Kuvings commercial juicer for my new nutritional coaching business, and it allows me to run the juicer continuously for over an hour without overheating. But it has a big price tag and is more than most need for home use.  I also tried a Breville, which was faster but does not retain as many nutrients/enzymes since it cuts/smashes the produce (as opposed to presses it with an auger screw). Hope that helps! 

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    • Hey everyone,

      I'm sure this has been asked and discussed before, but I'd like to ask it in perhaps a slightly different way...

      What is your regime/ritual before you train - specifically weight training?

      Do you pay attention to what you've ate/drank the day before?  How much sleep you get and quality of sleep?

      And how do you fuel yourself just before training (caffeine?  Energy drinks?  Powders?  Dates/bananas/other foods/drinks?)

      And what do you find gives you the most energy to fuel your workouts?

      Cheers, Mark

    • 3 hours ago, jackaustin said:

      I need your advice about what kind of juicer I should get.

      I got the manual HealthyJuicer which is great for leafy greens and wheatgrass but is just not practical for everyday use or juicing large amounts. It takes forever to handpump enough for 1 nice sized glass.

      I am thinking of either getting some kind of centrifugal one (Breville) to inspire me to juice daily OR a single gear one (Champion or Omega or something else) for quality low price juicer.

      What do you think?

      no such response.

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