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What do Vegans Eat?

by Robert Cheeke, Vegan Bodybuilder, February 28th, 2004

People often ask me, "what can you eat if you're a vegan, just fruits and vegetables right? The vegan diet is not just limited to fruits and vegetables, it is filled with a diversity of healthy and exotic foods, as well as everyday foods that most of us eat on a consistent basis. To help educate people on what vegans eat, I have composed a list of foods that I consume in any given day. This is not a complete list of every vegan food item in the world, but it should give you an idea of what a typical food day could be like for me and other vegans.
When I write a food such item as bagels for example, I am referring to a vegan form of that food. Many foods can be non-vegan or vegan just by substituting a few ingredients.

Vegan Food
Acorn Squash Adzuki Beans Alfalfa Sprouts Almonds Almond Milk Apples Apricots Artichokes Asparagus Avacados Bagels Bamboo Shoots Bananas Banana Squash Barley Beans Beets Bell Peppers Black Beans Blackberries Black-eyed Peas Blueberries Bok Choy Bran Brazil Nuts Bread Broccoli Brown Rice Brussels Sprouts Buckwheat Cabbage Canola Oil Cantaloupe Carrots Cashews Cauliflour Celery Cereal Cherries Chestnuts Chick-Peas Chiles Chives Chocolate Coconuts Corn Corn Oil Corn Tortilla Cranberries Cucumbers Currants Dates Dried Beans Dried Fruit Eggplant Fava Beans Figs Filberts Fruit Juice Garlic Grains Granola Grapefruit Grapes Green Beans Green Lettuce Grits Guava Hazelnuts Honeydew Hot Peppers Hummus Iceberg Lettuce Jalepeno Peppers Juan Canary Melons Kale Kidney Beans Kiwi Fruit Kumquat
Leeks Legumes Lemons Lentils Lima Beans Limes Macadamias Mangoes Melons Miso Mushrooms Navel Oranges Navy Beans Nectarines Nuts and Seeds Oat Bran Oat Flour Oats Olive Oil Onions Oranges Papayas Parsley Passion Fruit Pasta Peaches Peanut Butter Peanuts Pears Peas Pecans Peppers Persian Melons Pineapple Pine Nuts Pinto Beans Pistachios Pita Bread Plums Popcorn Portabello Mushrooms Potatoes Potato Flour Prunes Pumpkin Pumpkin Seeds Radishes Raisins Raspberries Red Beans Red Bell Peppers Red Cabbage Red Pepper Rhubarb Rice Rice Bran Rice Noodles Rice Milk Romaine Lettuce Roots Rutabegas Rye Rye Bread Rye Flour Safflower Oil Salad Greens Salsa Salt Savoy Cabbage Scallions Seaweed Seeds Serrano Peppers Sesame Seed Oil Sesame Seeds Shiitake Mushrooms Snow Peas Soybean Oil Soybeans Soy Milk Spaghetti
Spanish Onions Spinach Split Peas Sprouts Squash Strawberries Sugar (Raw) Sun-Dried Tomatoes Sweet Peppers Sweet Potatoes Swiss Chard Tangerines Tempeh Tofu Tomatoes Tomato Sauce Tortillas Turnip Greens Turnips Vegetable Oils Vegetables Walnuts Water Water Chestnuts Watermelon Wheat Wheat Flour Wheat Noodles Whole Wheat Wild Mushrooms Wild Rice Yams Zucchini

More foods will be added to this list, so check back for additional foods, as well as a breakdown of when I usually consume them (breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, post-workout meals, etc.).