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    • By the way, what can you tell me about special sports nutrition for weight loss?

    • I worked as a general labourer for a builder and eat a lot, prepared a ton of food. Hot food I used a stew/soup thermos, but you have to prep a lot for the day and I do this the evening before. Fruits, sandwiches like chickpea salad, beans in salads, tea, Indian curries in thermos or you can microwave at work.

    • Last time I had protein powder it was NOW brand soy protein isolate, chalky but good protein, I find pea protein very thick but no issue with using it.

    • HI there


      has anyone had an issue with pea protein isolate? I seem to have some sort of inflammation in my knees plus a few pains in other places, I wasn't sure it was the pea protein, but I didn't have any for a few days then had some again and same issue, I have no problems with peas cooked or raw, I even like the taste of the pea portein, I don't get it, with others like pre-made mixes like vivo life or raw revolution, vega or sun warrior and they all have pea protein in, any ideas?


      Any advice or questions would be totally welcome.


      Many thanks

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