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Getting Started in Vegan Bodybuilding
In this section, you will find information appropriate for people who are just starting out. We hope to provide what you'll need to be a healthy and happy vegan, as well as how to begin training in a safe, productive way.
Training for Muscles by Alexander Dargatz
I've been working with weights for around 10 years now, and i had my deeps and ups in this time. So, i want to present you what I personally think is important when you want to get bigger and/or stronger.

Why Vegan? by Derek Tresize
There are many reasons why someone might decide to 'go vegan', or radically change the way they eat based on something they've learned or something they believe, and these tend to vary from individual to individual.
Getting Started in Training
Training for Muscles by Alexander Dargatz
Why I Love Bodybuilding - by Derek Tresize
Beginning Bodybuilding
Bodybuilding Basics
Building Muscle on a Plant-based Diet
General Tips
Training without a Gym Membership
Building and Maintaining Muscle
How do you create your Training Schedule?
Growth Principles
How do I get rid of my gut?
What makes Bodybuilding so hard?
Vegan Bodybuilding is not an Oxymoron

Getting Started in Veganism
What do Vegans Eat?
Why Vegan? By Derek Tresize
Vegan Diet
Another Description of Veganism