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Oregonian Interview about Shred It!

Cheeke, 34, is part of a growing movement of high-performance athletes who are transforming their bodies eating vegan. And he tells many of their stories in "Shred It!," a guide to burning fat and building muscle on a whole-food, plant-based diet. The book is in its second printing, and has taken Cheeke on promotional trips to Australia, Canada and the Caribbean. The book includes 75 recipes designed to help athletes take it to the next level....

Plant Yourself Podcast

Robert Cheeke was a scrawny, scrappy teenager who embraced veganism – and raised hell in the process. Born to a family deeply steeped in animal agriculture, he took a different path. And all his life, Robert has kept that rebellious spirit alive in the service of health, fitness, and compassion. His new book, Shred It!, is an encyclopedic reference for people who want to become fit and ripped – low body fat, fully developed muscles...

Robert Cheeke Interview at No Meat Athlete
Robert is one of the most passionate people you’ll ever come across.  Besides running his vegan bodybuilding website, Robert tirelessly tours the country speaking about veganism and motivation, with little apparent interest in cashing in financially on his status as “The World’s Most Recognized Vegan Bodybuilder"...

Robert's Journey at Forks over Knives

I consider myself one of the lucky people who stumbled upon a plant-based diet early on in life, at age 15, while growing up on a farm in an agricultural town in western Oregon. I adopted a plant-based lifestyle before the Internet came of age, and I learned how to fuel my high school athletic career (I played five sports) largely on my own, through trial and error, by eating plants...

Rob Bigwood Talks Game of Arms

I've been arm wrestling professionally since I was 18 years old and vegetarian since I was 24. I converted to vegan a few years later. Ironically, I was initially inspired at an arm wrestling tournament at the Pennsylvania State Fair. I caught a group of piglets wrestling around and fighting for milk from their mom. They were absolutely adorable and innocent and reminded me of puppies. This was the very first time I ever connected innocent beings with food...

Looking Forward to PlantBuilt 2014 - By Ed Bauer

Here we are, less than one month away from the 2014 PlantBuilt Vegan Muscle Team Competition! This is happening on July 26, 2014 at the NaturallyFit Games in Austin, Texas. The NaturallyFit Games used to be called the Naturally Fit Super Show. You can find out more about the competition at www.naturallyfitgames.com

3 Myths About Raising Vegan Children Dispelled, Part 2 - By Marcella Torres

We are mammals, and, like all mammals, our infants survive and thrive on the milk of our own species until gradually transitioning to eating the food that the adults of our species eat. This transition seems quite logical to me and occurred very naturally for us. Before sharing the details of that transition, I’ll say a few words about breastfeeding vs. formula, and cow’s milk.

Surviving Valentine's Day - By Mindy Collette

Many of us groan as we enter into February, one of the heaviest (and daunting) "Hallmark" months of the year. Whether you're single or in a relationship, this "holiday" brings stress--the strain of not having a special someone to share the day with, or finding the right gift, card, and dinner spot. What good does this day do anyone trying to get fit and be healthier? Not a lot.

New Year, New View - By Mindy Collette

The older I get, the more my vision – my life lenses, my perspective – changes.  As an adult my perception of myself is continually altered, and gradually I become less self-aware physically, or allow my self-worth to be tainted by societal norms or expectations.  Unfortunately, the end of the calendar year has encroached into my brain, and now my mind is consumed with drastic changes in my diet and workouts, and interpersonal growth...

Fiona Oakes Smashes World Records and Represents Veganism in the Ice

Fiona's goal was to compete in an incredible eight marathons in one year, all taking place on different continents, including both poles. Competing against other people who could quite likely just be training for just a single marathon, she performed extremely well in all races, placing first more than once, and breaking world records.

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