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  • Exercises from True Bodybuilding


    Exercises from True Bodybuilding

    by Robert Cheeke, Vegan Bodybuilder, February 28th, 2004

    Milos Sarcev has one of the best bodybuilding videos out there, True Bodybuilding. The following exercises are ones that he demonstrates and explains why he's doing them, for how many sets and reps, what muscle groups he's working and different techniques to use. So if you ever run out of exercises to do or get bored of your old routine in the gym, try some of these, courtesy of Milos "The Mind" Sarcev.

    Flat bench barbell press
    Incline bench barbell press
    Decline bench barbell press
    Incline bench dumbbell press
    Incline bench dumbbell fly
    Flat bench dumbbell fly
    Cable crossover
    Incline cable fly
    Incline cable press

    Standing EZ-bar curl
    Seated dumbbell curl
    Preacher dumbbell curl
    Preacher hammer curl
    Seated concentration curl
    Standing cable curl
    Standing unilateral cable curl

    Close-grip bench press
    Lying French press (skull crushers)
    Dumbbell French press
    Cable French press
    Triceps press down with rope
    Triceps press down with V-bar
    One-arm unilateral cable press down
    Triceps dumbbell overhead extension
    Overhead cable triceps extension
    Triceps kick-backs
    Triceps cable kick-backs

    Barbell wrist curl
    Barbell over-grip wrist curl
    Dumbbell wrist curl
    Behind the back wrist curl
    Seated hammer curl

    Barbell squat
    Hack squat
    Leg press
    Single-leg leg press
    Leg extensions
    Single-leg leg extensions

    Dumbbell stiff-legged dead lifts
    Lying leg curl
    Standing leg curl
    Dumbbell lunges

    Standing calf raise
    Seated calf raise
    Machine calf raise (toe press)

    Wide-grip pull-ups
    Close-grip chin-ups
    Behind the neck lat pull-downs
    Front lat pull-downs
    Reverse-grip lat pull-downs (close grip)
    V-bar lat pull-downs
    Seated cable rows
    Wide-grip seated cable rows
    Barbell bent-over rows
    Dumbbell bent-over rows
    One-arm dumbbell rows
    Dead lifts
    Good mornings

    Seated dumbbell side lateral raise
    Standing cable side lateral raise
    Seated dumbbell press
    Arnold press
    Seated dumbbell front raise
    Standing cable front raise
    Seated rear deltoid lateral raise
    Cable rear deltoid lateral raise
    Incline bench rear delt flys
    Bent-over lateral raise
    Dumbbell shrugs
    Upright rows

    Hanging leg raises
    Side cable crunches
    Cable crunches
    Robert Cheeke

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