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  • Fiona Oakes Smashes World Records and Represents Veganism in the Ice by Richard Watts


    Fiona is a vegan marathon runner, along with owning and running her own animal sanctuary Tower Hill Sanctuary with her partner Martin. We don't have a VBB profile up for her just yet, but we will soon! However I wanted to get this news out there as soon as possible, because it's truly remarkable.

    Her goal was to compete in an incredible eight marathons in one year, all taking place on different continents, including both poles. Competing against other people who could quite likely just be training for just a single marathon, she performed extremely well in all races, despite the number of marathons she was involved with, international travel, and on top of it all, continuing to work her everyday job at her own animal sanctuary when she was back home in between the races. The completion of this sequence of races in one year is a world record in itself!

    Her results were:

    UVU North Pole Marathon 9th April 2013
    1st place - and new course record
    Time: 4:53:10

    Isle of Man Marathon 11th August 2013

    1st place
    Time: 2:48:06

    Adelaide Marathon 25th August 2013
    3rd place
    Time: 3:08:47

    Siberian International Marathon 22nd September 2013
    13th place
    Time: 3:11:37

    Atlantic City Marathon 13th October 2013
    4th place
    Time: 3:10:56

    Casablanca Marathon October 27th 2013

    7th place
    Time: 3:13:41

    Chile Volcano Marathon 14th November 2013

    2nd place
    Time: 6:00:39

    Antarctic Ice Marathon 20th November 2013

    1st place- and new course record
    Time: 4:20:02

    It should also be noted that she unfortunately came down with a flu bug after Atlantic City, and there was serious concern about her competing in Casablanca. She persevered however, and then in the Volcano marathon, she twisted her leg... despite that she still managed to take 2nd place. And once again there was doubt that she would even be able to continue with her endeavour - especially as the final race would be in such dangerous conditions in the Antarctic, where of course it is extremely cold and windy. It was -20 degrees at the race, excluding wind chill. So it took something amazing for Fiona to compete - and she still managed to take first place, something that must have surprised everybody considering all these factors. I personally can't wrap my head around it all, so many factors would make this seem impossible to most people.

    Fiona is such a marvelous figure within animal rights, given that she runs her own sanctuary, and is very vocal about the movement in general. Obviously, like many vegan athletes, she benefits from the nutrient-dense lifestyle, eating a wholefood diet, but that is not her focus at all. Everything she does is for the animals - to prove that veganism is not only the right choice ethically, but that there are no health issues related to it. If you can run 8 marathons all over the world, breaking records and placing well consistently, then there is nothing more to be said.

    Go Fiona, we all support you! Please consider donating to Tower Hill Sanctuary. At this moment, a benefactor is willing to triple anything you donate, so if you donate a dollar, another two will be donated on top automatically. So please take this opportunity to support what she has done!

    Also find Fiona on facebook

    Richard Watts

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