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  • How Do You Create Your Training Schedule


    How do you Create your Training Schedule

    May 22nd, 2003

    What is your current training split and what factors determine how you
    select your training schedule?

    Right now I am following a four-day training split. On this website I focus on training five days per week, but because of other factors I currently follow a four-day split to allow more recovery time.

    My schedule looks something like this:

    Day 1 Back and calves
    Day 2 Chest and biceps and abs
    Day 3 REST
    Day 4 Shoulders and triceps
    Day 5 Legs and abs
    Day 6 REST
    Day 7 Cardio (no weights) 25-60 minutes and abs

    I believe that outside factors can affect how many days a week you train. I am perfectly comfortable training five days a week when I am not doing a lot of physical work outside of weight training. At the present time, I am doing construction work, manual labor, massages, and other physical activities that interfere with my recovery time. If I were to continue training five days per week with my outside activities, I would end up overtraining, inhibiting muscle growth and maximum results.

    I often train by myself but I think a partner can be beneficial. When possible I train with Jordan Baskerville, the friend who introduced me to bodybuilding years ago. Like most people, we both have very busy schedules, commitments to non-bodybuilding events and activities, and don't always end up at the gym together. Training partners can assist in your ability to perform extra reps and going to complete muscle failure, motivate you to train harder, and share their training philosophies with you. By no means is a “bodybuilding” gym a place to socialize, so make sure your training partner is there to “help” you and not just to talk about current events.....save that for your wellness club sauna room.

    As I am currently preparing for some summer contests, my nutrition program is more important than my training. I'm still performing the same style of training as I am in the off season, but instead of resting for a minute or so between sets, I complete a set of abdominal exercises like sit-ups on a nearby bench. I also warm up for 25 minutes instead of 5-10 minutes. As I get closer to the contests I will increase my cardio significantly, adjust my nutrition program and alter my training program slightly. I will begin to do more reps with a little bit lighter weight and in the final days before the show I will perform total body workouts, rather than my typical one or two muscle groups per session.

    That is my current routine. These are some things to keep in mind in general. Determine what your outside of training activities are, and if you are getting enough sleep and rest. Avoid training with weights for more than three days in a row without a full day of rest, and be sure to follow a sound nutritional program to gain the most out of your hard work in the gym.

    Big Rob

    Robert Cheeke

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