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  • Milk Mustache Campaign Letter to the Public School System


    Dear Superintendent,

    I have recently become aware of the fact that your school district promotes and supports the MilkMustache Campaign aimed to encourage school children (and their parents) to consume milk and otherdairy products for optimal health. I find this alarming and very concerning because in reality, students'health is being jeopardized by the assumption that cow's milk is a healthy food for humans.

    There have been an array of studies conducted on both human and non-human animals revealingthe staggering correlations between the consumption of animal based foods, and the likelihood ofdeveloping degenerative diseases. The most comprehensive study ever conducted on the relationshipbetween diet and disease (The China Project) found 367 correlations linking the consumption of casein(the primary protein found in milk) and the development of disease. Casein has been scientificallyproven to be carcinogenic and one of the leading causes of not only death, but common illnesses such asobesity in North America.

    The Milk Mustache Official Website states "Milk is kids' top breakfast beverage" and claims to be "theleading source of 10 nutrients in kids' diets," in a survey sponsored by Kelloggs. The website alsostates, "Mom's Top 5 School Day Breakfast Foods" as:

    1. Cereal
    2. Eggs
    3. Toast
    4. Waffles
    5. Pancakes


    The problem is that milk and the other foods listed as being favorites or important in a child's diet arenot health-promoting foods. By continuing to encourage the consumption of dairy products within aneducational setting of young, impressionable students, you run the risk of increasing the likelihoodthat the students will develop obesity, type 2 Diabetes, and a host of other preventable, debilitatingdiseases. Because the Milk Mustache Campaign portrays celebrity figures, children helplessly follow theendorsement by famous people they resonate with.

    A solution to this very serious health problem is the immediate removal of the Milk Mustache CampaignAds along with developing a stronger district-wide understanding between the relationship of milkconsumption and fat gain, as well as other adverse health implications. Further recommendations areto consider that the primary sources of nutrition, which all children need for a healthy start in life, comefrom plant-based whole foods. These consist of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds and legumes. Theyprovide the richest sources of macro and micronutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins andminerals) and even aid in the prevention and reversal of disease.

    I would be happy to meet with school district representatives to form a committee to create a trulyhealthy learning environment for our children that is free from corporate and agribusiness influence. Ilook forward to working with you to find more sound solutions for a healthier future for our children.

    -Robert Cheeke

    For more information about the T. Colin Campbell Plant-Based Nutrition Certification Course, please visit www.ecornell.com/robertcheeke

    Robert Cheeke

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