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  2. Jack - I'm a huge fan of the Omega 8006 slow juicer. I bought it 5 years ago when I went plant-based (to heal from cancer) and it has been an absolute workhorse! It's very reliable and fairly easy to clean. My sister just bought the same model yesterday (after seeing how healthy I've become following this WFPB lifestyle). With that said, I just bought a Kuvings commercial juicer for my new nutritional coaching business, and it allows me to run the juicer continuously for over an hour without overheating. But it has a big price tag and is more than most need for home use. I also tried a Breville, which was faster but does not retain as many nutrients/enzymes since it cuts/smashes the produce (as opposed to presses it with an auger screw). Hope that helps!
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  4. Useful information. thank you.
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  7. In my opinion, this is a great tool. You can animate everything - hard-to-understand information, boring presentations and good deals, and then it will be easier for customers to perceive it. You can read more about it at https://darvideo.tv/3d-animated-videos/ and I'm sure you'll want to take advantage of it.
  8. As for me, the demand for animated content is growing every day. And all because it's an inexpensive and effective way to make a statement. So why not to apply it? I'm definitely in favor of using animation.
  9. Who needs them and how they help in business?
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  16. Hello everyone, I am glad to join your community. I'm an aspiring vegan
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  21. Friday Night Funkin tests your musical knowledge and sense of rhythm. Girlfriend is the happy girl sitting on top of the boom box. She is a white woman with long hair, wearing a red dress and high heels. Can you conquer her?
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  24. What is the most secure way to take a loan?
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