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Quickest seiten recipe yet

#1 Postby Gaia » Sat Jun 21, 2008 6:53 pm

I am getting so lazy during the summer that I came up with this really easy seiten recipe that my kids eat like popcorn. :popcorn:

2 boxes of vegetable broth (2 quarts of broth) in a pot that is larger on the bottom than its sides (wide casserole dish made for the stove- I have a Le Crueset skillet with a top). Get the broth boiling, then lower the flame to simmering. Do not have bubbles in the broth when you drop the pieces in. The boiling action makes the dough turn into soggy seiten instead of a chewy tight texture.

One box of vital wheat gluten (Arrowhead Mills box)
1/2 cup of KAL nutritional yeast
1 tablespoon of salt
1 tablespoon of wheat bran

Put in a food mill (mine is a 11 cup Cuisinart) and pulse till mixed.

Add 2 cups of water. Processed till a dough forms. Dump it out on a greased counter. Sprinkle some flour on the dough ball and on your hands. Knead it till you can make it into a fat log. Using a dough cutter/scraper, chop off a slice, slice it in half, and then cut it into little pieces. Drop into the simmering broth, put on a top, and cook for one hour (stirring once in awhile). Scoop out the pieces into a bowl and let sit.

Leftover broth makes a great gravy or sauce to go over noodles with the seiten pieces on top. I put broccoli into the leftover broth, and cooked till tender, and then added a thickener (I use kuzu/kudzu root starch from Eden foods). Drape this over some pasta, with the seiten pieces, and some sunflower seeds for crunch. That was dinner yesterday.

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