KICK @$$ dressing for noodle salad

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KICK @$$ dressing for noodle salad

#1 Postby PMvegan » Mon Sep 15, 2008 4:28 pm

For those of you that like Asian noodles as much as I do, here's a neat recipe. I do up a bunch and leave it in the fridge. I love it on soba noodle salad with some bok choy and green onions. Here's how to make it (don't have an exact recipe, so adjust to taste):

o 1 part soy sauce
o 1 part rice bran oil
o 2 parts rice vinegar (or can use apple cider)
o 1-2 tsp of mirin (Japanese sweetened cooking sake)
o 1-2 tsp of hot sauce (I like sriracha)
o Dash of shichimi togarashi
o A ton of fresh grated ginger (the finer the better)

Combine everything in a jar and shake well. Keeps well because everything is fairly stable. Refrigerate and use a spoon to serve so you get the grated ginger goodness.


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