In search of a delicious vegan Gravy recipe!

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In search of a delicious vegan Gravy recipe!

#1 Postby socalfusions » Thu Apr 15, 2010 2:20 am

Give me your secrets!

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Re: In search of a delicious vegan Gravy recipe!

#2 Postby lobsteriffic » Thu Apr 15, 2010 8:58 am

I base mine on this one from Bryanna Clark Grogan:

I always add the gravy browner and I play around with different seasonings.

I like it because it's simple and fat free. I've had more elaborate gravies, but this one wins for being the healthiest out of the ones I've tried.

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Re: In search of a delicious vegan Gravy recipe!

#3 Postby HawaiiDolphin » Mon Apr 19, 2010 1:13 pm

This is my "go to", but I'm big into mushrooms: ... ecipeID=73

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Re: In search of a delicious vegan Gravy recipe!

#4 Postby eggsmegs » Tue Apr 20, 2010 5:29 am

Mine goes something along the lines of the below (although I chop and change some ingredients)

Fry one onion, hideous amounts of garlic (i like to ward off vampires!), until they are very brown, add chopped celery and carrot and fry some more on a lower heat, add a chopped fennel some thyme,rosemary a few cloves and star anise to the mix I also generally add some water to cover the veggies. Add a can of chopped tomato and a vegan stock cube (I generally use Kallo) and leave the mixture to reduce (about an hour).

When it has been bubbling away and has reduced by about half you need to sieve the mixture , really pummel the veggies to get all the flavour out.

(I generally keep the veggie mix minus the cloves and star anise and blitz them with soya milk to make a soup).

One you have the liquid mixture, if it is too liquidy add some cornstarch.

As I say not got a general recipe for this but I tend to make a larger batch as it is time consuming and then I freeze some.

Also makes a great base for soups and sauces.

If this sounds at all nice, I can try and do a recipe for you.

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