How to react with a person really against vegans ?

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Re: How to react with a person really against vegans ?

#16 Postby New World Vegan » Fri Jan 09, 2015 4:10 pm

Maxwellquick wrote:I should try to not care for that and let them talk[/quote

Never quit caring; just don't let your emotions sink you to their level. Keep your comments logical and scientific.

Anyway I was thinking of just putting the link of Earthlings in comment, should I ?

I say no. That movie is about animal abuse. I looks as tho we have no science. Use the facts that veganism is the only healthy way to eat. Link the movie "Forks ever knives".

We can even do BETTER than science. We have REALITY on our side - living proof. Even the Fruitarians kick the average meat-eaters butt. There's the video "80/10/10 proof" and the picture thread "80/10/10 Gladiators"

....and for logical talk, there's me:

Meat or vegetarian: What does the body want?

Why I'm not an ex-vegan-
Youtube's Gary High-Fruit . . .

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Re: How to react with a person really against vegans ?

#17 Postby lepiante » Sun Jan 18, 2015 5:43 pm

Maxwellquick wrote:Hey everyone !

So even I am in vet school, most of my friends are not vegans (crazy no ? I am the only one in my class ! You wanna save animals but eat them in the same time ? WTF ?) but they understand my choices and accept it, and even cook vegan for me when they have to. But I have this friend, he is in medecine school and he is really against vegans .. It's crazy how even at med school they learn all those wrong facts .. He even put an article on Facebook about how bad vegetarism is, I didn't have the strenght to read until the end or answer ! I know I probably should say nothing because people who doesn't try to understand are just dumb for me, I don't say everyone has to be vegan but everyone can respect each others ... But how you react with those kind of people usually ?

Thanks in advance =)

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Re: How to react with a person really against vegans ?

#18 Postby MartinVegartin » Mon May 04, 2015 1:27 pm

Just say something like: 'Look, matey, I don't want to inflict terror, torture and death on sentient beings. I am healthy, happy and I try to show respect to all.'

You could add: 'Unless they are scum* who care more for their bellies and taste buds than they do for another animal who has as much right to life as they have.'

* Or words such as 'heartless', 'uncaring', 'selfish', 'crue'l, 'twisted', 'naughty' - take your pick.

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