How Do You Fuel Your Better?

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How Do You Fuel Your Better?

#1 Postby robert » Wed Jul 16, 2014 1:31 pm

How Do You Fuel Your Better? - By Robert Cheeke

When I consider what fuels my better, I think back to the past decade that I have been sponsored by Vega. I have been a Vega ambassador, sponsored athlete, and brand representative for nearly ten years. Coincidentally, I have placed in the top 5 in every running race I have competed in over this time period, including setting a course record i 2012 that still stands today, a second place finish behind a former USA Olympic Marathoner, and a recent 1st and 2nd place in my age group, respectively. I have also run a handful of half marathons for fun (non-competitive runs alongside my girlfriend, supporting her - not "racing" or running at my race pace).

Of course, running isn't what I'm known for in athletics. Bodybuilding is what I participated in for a decade and Vega supported my bodybuilding endeavors. I won multiple competitions and competed at the natural bodybuilding world championships back in 2006. I competed a dozen times, wrote a book about the subject, and have since moved on to focus on general fitness, goal setting, motivation and holistic health. Writing is my current favorite activity and team sports such as basketball and soccer are at the center of my new athletic focus. Summertime hiking and exploring in nature is an interest I am indulging in regularly. You can follow my Twitter page for many adventurous photo updates from my travels. Find me at @RobertCheeke.

With all these interests, the desire to get better is always there. When I was a runner I wanted to get faster. As a bodybuilder I constantly sought improvement, and in other athletic interests, I strive to fuel my better. For the past decade Vega has fueled this ambition. If you haven't yet tried Vega yourself, now would be a great time to jump into the action to follow your passion and make it happen. Vega is becoming a household name in the plant-based community, and an emerging brand in the mainstream athletic culture.

Vega offers an entire line of sports nutrition products, including specific components such as pre, during and post-workout options, or prepare, sustain, and recover, as they are known to the Vega community. See the full range of Vega sport products here:

What passion are you fueling this summer and how can Vega help you fuel your better?

Post a reply listing your current sports interests and which Vega products you are most interested in trying to fuel your better. One lucky Grand Prize winner selected from the comments below will win full-size Vega products from the whole Vega sport system!

Additional winners will be selected from the comments below and will receive Vega Variety Packages complete with an assortment of Vega samples from the entire Vega sport system. We will select winners based on the depth of answers to the following questions. Please consider sharing some of the following details in your reply:

1. What are your current sports interests?

2. Do you have photos from recent outdoor adventures you want to share?

3. What are the Vega products you are most interested in trying? Why are you interested in them?

4. How would Vega help fuel your better?

Please considering following Vega on these social media sites:

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Please find Vega on as many social media communities as you like, and please share this post with others. Some winners may be selected because of their enthusiastic support, so please specify if you follow Vega on these social platforms and if you share this post on your social media pages. Thanks!

I'm looking forward to reading what fuels your better. Thank you for entering this Vega Sport Product Giveaway! This promotion will run until July 31, 2014. Canada and USA Only please, due to the actual cost of shipping out these free products.


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