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Help me raise money

#1 Postby veganxtreme » Mon Sep 28, 2015 8:49 pm

Hey guys! So here is what I am working on. My family and I are wanting to downsize big time and really reduce our impact on the environment. We are planning on building a tiny house that is fully off grid. However money is a real issue for us. That being said, we have launched a campaign on indiegogo called GET YOUR VEGAN ON. What I am planning on doing is splitting the donations made on the campaign page 50/50 with the vegan organization VEGAN OUTREACH. Mid-October, I am also launching an e-book titled the same as this campaign. The book highlights the struggles many people have starting this diet as well as how to get past them. The book also includes workout tips and ideas, food tips and ideas, as well as a sample food plan and workout plan. When this book launches, profits will be split 50/50 with VEGAN OUTREACH. So please help my family and I out as well as helping a vegan organization spread the word of Veganism! Thank you for reading and I ask that even if you do not donate, please share the link. Thanks guys!

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