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Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2016 1:02 am
by Tbird
Good morning everyone,

My name is Terence, I am 32 years old from South Africa. Not a vegan or vegetarian as yet but been researching and definitely seeing the benefits of Veganism. I wouldn't really say I eat a lot of animal products besides eggs and milk. Meat has never really been a big part of what ive eaten so that's not really a major concern to give up completely. My wife is a vegetarian, has been for around 8 or so years so that's possible why I have no problem not eating meat.

My goal is to grow my own vegetables and herbs and be as self sufficient as possible, this past weekend I planted my seedlings so we shall see how that goes, been doing loads of research and I must say there are so many things we can do to better our earth, don't get me wrong, im no tree hugger but I think we should be somewhat aware of how we are damaging the earth. Sorry for going off track seen as this is a bodybuilding forum LOL.

Fitness wise I am a fitness fanatic, I am a runner, done numerous half marathons, 10ks etc (yet to brave a full marathon), I do crossfit occasionally and I do strength and weight training 3 days per week, I cycle, im basically an all rounder when it comes to fitness, no specific specialty, just enjoy training and being healthy. I have been considering the idea of maybe competing at WBFF aesthetics shows but that's a huge maybe as im a pretty shy person and not sure how I feel about getting up on stage.

Anyway that's my story thus far, looking forward to gaining more knowledge and going full vegan in the near future.