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Hi from Korea

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 12:16 am
by lemonlifts
Hi everyone. I've been plant-based before for about three years and went back to it recently due to health issues. I wasn't really "vegan" because I didn't care about the animals. I had a really rough 2016 that included deaths and other issues (including a cancer scare with some tumors) and late 2015 some deaths occurred. I think that's why seeing a factory farming documentary finally got to me. I've seen them before and they never really phased me; they weren't pleasant but never moved me. This time, though, everything just clicked. I wanted to reduce the misery and suffering around the world because this world will give us plenty of suffering...we don't need to add to it. If anyone cares, the documentary was "Lucent" (full-length on YouTube:

I was actually a member of this forum a few years ago but don't remember any login details. I can say it feels good to be back and I'm happy to say I'm actually, fully vegan.

For anyone curious about veganism in Korea, it's pretty much not a thing. I was really surprised when I moved here. I expected there to be soy alternatives and such but they simply do not exist in stores or restaurants. There are a couple vegan restaurants that exist (they're run by a religious group) and there are products you can order online, and they're only available through websites. When I came here, I was plant-based and tried to explain that to the Korean woman I was working with. She said, "No problem" and proceeded to buy me a seafood noodle soup. I explained I couldn't eat it and she offered to buy me pizza, kimbap (it has egg and Spam), and sweet bread with whipped cream. The idea is so foreign that there's not even a word for it, they just use the English word. There's a Korean word for "vegetarian", which I expected because of Buddhism...the problem is that, except for a couple monks I've met, every single Buddhist I met eats meat.