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Posted: Tue May 30, 2017 9:49 pm
by hippyman
Hello, I just joined, and thought I'd tell you guys a little about why I'm here. I've been bodybuilding on and off for about ten years now, yet I have always felt something wrong with eating so many of my animal friends. When I was starting out I just couldn't see a way to build muscle without animal protein, and as time went on it just became habitual. Anyway, I had never been a big fan of vegetables growing up(that's changed some now), but as far as fruits go, I haven't met one I didn't like. But I digress....I feel like I'm headed down a long hard road, but in my mind, that's what's going to make it worth it. I just need some help along the way. I live in the middle of cattle country, so switching to a meat-free diet can be difficult here.