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newbie to strength training

Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 1:09 am
by thegarbageboy
hi everyone,

nice to have found this forum. i've been vegan about 2 years and have been strength training for about 6 months (with the first few months not really knowing what i'm doing). i'm a 34 year old guy and have always had a very small frame and decided to try to bulk up. i'd never really done strength training before so i've seen a lot of strength increases in what i can lift.

when i initially tried to bulk up i basically just ate whenever i wanted and quickly grew in size. initially i probably ate too much because while my body proportions and strength are much better than previously, i am still at a relatively high body fat percentage (my guess is 24% or so). however, with some muscle gains i've noticed that now when i eat the same amount of calories, i no longer gain weight. in fact for the past few months i have maintained my weight. i suppose this is from the increased metabolic rate that comes with adding muscle.

as far as cutting my body fat goes, i'm not quite sure how to proceed. i'm not necessarily looking for a "quick" fix, and ideally i would end up in the 15-17% body fat range. what i am wondering is if i can continue training as i do now lifting 4 times a week and eating the same amount of calories that has led me to maintain my current weight. i figure if i am seeing strength increases in reps/weight lifted, then that means i am gaining muscle... and thus if i maintain my current level of calorie intake the increased muscle will increase my metabolism and mean that amount is now a caloric deficit that will lead to fat loss. does this sound like a feasible goal?