Quest for strength!

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Re: Quest for strength!

#16 Postby oneoranother » Fri Jan 21, 2011 1:02 pm

Squat: 50 kg 1x5, 72,5 kg 5x5
OHP: 30 kg 1x5, 37,5 kg 5x5
Dead: 70 kg 1x5, 85 kg 1x2 50 kg 2x5

Starting to feel the squats again, but it's not really burning yet. Bet it will come soon though :)
Overhead Press was tough, but I finally made it. Shoulders were a bit sore which made it harder, but hopefully I can get enough rest during the weekend.
70 kg deadlift felt okay, but 85 kg was too hard. I deloaded and practiced some. Think I will try 85 kg again Wednesday, but I definately still have to practice this lift.
Finished off with pull-ups.

Just finished a big bowl of pasta with oil and tomatoes, now I might go for some fruit - have a great day, everybody :)

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Re: Quest for strength!

#17 Postby oneoranother » Mon Jan 24, 2011 3:47 pm

Squat: 50 kg 1x5, 80 kg 3x5, 75 kg 2x5
Bench: 40 kg 1x5, 50 kg 5x5
BB-rows: 30 kg 3x10
Dumbbell rows 20 kg 1x10 pr. hand
Crunches, pull-ups

Squats were feeling hard today, but then I noticed that I had put 5 kg plates on instead of 2.5 kg so that was kind of the explanation for that :D Took 5 kg off and did the last two sets. This is not exactly easy anymore, but I think I can still go on a week or two before I fail.
Bench is still not easy, but it was better today. Had a friend help me out with technique which helped a bit, but it's mainly just hard work.
Did barbell rows, just light weight to start off with. Will do them heavier with less reps next time, but I just needed to get used to it. Finished off with one set of DB-rows pr. hand and some crunches and pull-ups.

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Re: Quest for strength!

#18 Postby oneoranother » Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:27 am

Squats: 50 kg 1x5, 60 kg 1x5 77,5 kg 5x5
OHP: 30 kg 1x5, 40 kg 5,3,2 30 kg 2x5
Deadlift: 50 kg 1x5, 70 kg 1x5, 85 1x1

So I'm now back at where left off with squats some weeks ago. It felt good! It was tough but I still have a good feeling about them. 80 kg next time!
Press was really hard! Gave up after three sets and did the last two sets with 75%. Think I will deload next time or the time after that, cause I don't see the point of injuring my shoulders by just blasting ahead - I'm not in a hurry :)
Deadlift technique is getting better I think, but 85 kg is hard. Not much else to do than just work on it.
Finished with some pull-ups and some planks and crunches.

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Re: Quest for strength!

#19 Postby robert » Wed Jan 26, 2011 6:57 pm

Nice work! Way to be smart about it and aim for records and success but staying healthy all along the way, avoiding injuries.

Way to push yourself!

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Re: Quest for strength!

#20 Postby oneoranother » Fri Jan 28, 2011 12:32 pm

Thanks, Robert :)

Todays workout:

Squats: 50 kg 1x5, 60 kg 1x5, 70 kg 1x3, 80 kg 5x5
40 kg 1x5,
52,5 kg 1x0
40 kg 1x10,
42,5 kg 1x7,
45 kg 1x5
Barbell Rows: 40 kg 3x10

Squats were hard, not so much for the legs, but I had some problems balancing the bar. It had some tendencies to try and roll down, but most of the time it was fine.
Bench was terrible! It might have been lack of prober warm-up (only did 1 set), but when I lifted the bar up it got stuck on my chest and I couldn't do 1 single rep! I sat up and lifted the bar off, doing 3 sets of lower weight/higher reps, but it pissed me off a bit. Nothing to do but keep practicing and warm up better next time!
Barbell rows went okay.

Was in a hurry suddenly, so I didn't get to do pull-ups and crunches, but I am gonna do some push-ups and planks/crunches before I go to bed tonight.

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Re: Quest for strength!

#21 Postby oneoranother » Mon Jan 31, 2011 1:27 pm

Squats: 50 kg 1x5, 70 kg 2x5, 82,5 kg 5x5
OHP: 25 kg 1x5, 30 kg 5x5
Deadlift: 50 kg 1x5, 70 kg 1x5, 85 kg 1x5
Pull-ups: 5,5,4

Squats were tough, but not killing. I think I will make it through this week!
Deloaded on OHP, but switched to a bigger bar. So far I've been using a shorter one which might be weighing a kilo or two less, but I have now switched to a longer one which is the same that I use for all my other lifts. Gonna practice with this and hopefully I will be back on 40 kg again soon.
Deadlift went good! My technique is not perfect yet, but I had a good feel for it and I think I'm gonna attempt 90 kg on Friday.
Pull-ups were hard, I was really worn out after squats/deadlifts but I did three sets as well as three sets of crunches with a 10 kg plate.

Wednesday I'm gonna do a better bench press than last time and I am gonna focus on good technique on the squats and BB-rows as well. Have a nice day everyone!

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Re: Quest for strength!

#22 Postby oneoranother » Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:01 am

Just got up, I was in the gym for almost 2 hours yesterday, here's yesterday's workout:

Squats: 50 kg 1x5, 70 kg 1x5, 80 kg 1x3, 85 kg 5x5
Bench: 30 kg 1x10, 40 kg 1x5, 45 kg 1x5, 52,5 kg 1x2, 45 kg 5x5
Barbell rows: 40 kg 3x10
Crunches +10 kg 3xF
Pull-ups: 5x5
Push-ups + 6 kg 5x5
Dips 5x5

So the squats were hard, but I'm still positive for Friday. I have to make it!
Bench was shit once again, so I deloaded and I will try to work my way up again.
Barbell rows, well not much to say. Gonna put on some more weight next time.
Pull-ups were killer! I did 5x5 for the first time ever. I think it was because I took my time and had about 3 minutes between sets that I was able to do it, normally when I get to pull-ups I am in a hurry and just end up doing three sets to fail.
Push-ups, not much to say.
Tried dips for the first time, I like it. So yeah.

Well, I'm a pretty tired now, today I will try to rest as much as possible and then I'll be ready to hit 90 kg deadlift tomorrow!

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Re: Quest for strength!

#23 Postby oneoranother » Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:27 pm

Squats: 50 kg 1x10, 70 kg 1x5, 80 kg 1x3, 87,5 kg 5x5
OHP: 20 kg 1x10, 32,5 kg 5x5
Deadlift: 50 kg 1x5, 70 kg 1x5, 90 kg 1x2

New PB on both squats and deadlift. Squats I think were hard, but I am still postive for 90 kg on Monday. After the next week I'm gonna have a week long break from heavy weights because of the school being closed, so I am gonna try extra hard the next week to get some high numbers so I can just deload 5 or 10% after the break and then I am aiming for 100 kg on both squat and deadlifts - can't wait :D

Overhead Press was hard on the last few reps, but that was to be expected when switching to the longer (and possibly a bit heavier) bar. I'm going to make 35 kg Wednesday and then after the break it's back to the hard work!

I did some quick pull-ups after deadlifts and went to band practice. When we finished I had a little spare time so I went down to the training room again and deadlifted 90 kg for one rep because the bar was still lying on the floor. So that was without any warm-up about 1½ hour after finishing the workout and the lift was actually not that tough. I don't think I have a long way to break 100 kg. I then did pull-ups and crunches, drank my shake and went to work.

Anyways, I had a killer workout today, hope everyone is doing good! Cheers! :D
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Re: Quest for strength!

#24 Postby chewybaws » Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:53 pm

Real nice squat you got there!

Why not test 1RMs before you take a week off? Then continue with your plan afterwards. You could easily make 100kg squat, and could prob make that on deadlift as well.

How's bodyweight?

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Re: Quest for strength!

#25 Postby oneoranother » Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:02 pm

Thank you. Well, yes I thought about it. The thing is I am horribly scared of injuring myself by blasting ahead too fast. I am gonna see how squats come along during next week and if I feel good about it next Friday (where technically I'm supposed to hit 95 kg 5x5) I am gonna go for one 100 kg rep. Same with deads I think. It sure would be a mental boost to break those numbers, but I have also been told all the time to be patient, so yeah. If I feel for it, I'll do it!

Bodyweight is still about 63 kg, was 63,5 this morning. But that was with 0.3% lower bodyfat compared to last time so it's a little gain. I don't think too much of bodyweight as long as I progress on my lifts. My main goal right now is to build strenght, and then hopefully mass will follow. But of course I need to gain weight :)

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Re: Quest for strength!

#26 Postby oneoranother » Tue Feb 08, 2011 11:25 am

Was working on a paper for school all yesterday and night so I had to skip training. Went to the training room today after handing in the paper and did the following:

Squats: 50 kg 1x5, 70 kg 1x5, 80 kg 1x5, 90 kg 5x5
Bench: 35 kg 1x10, 40 kg 1x5, 47,5 kg 5x5
BB-rows: 45 kg 3x10
Pull-ups: 3x5

Squats were hard, but I reached 90 without failing. Pretty happy with that. I am gonna force myself to do 92,5 kg Friday so I take the break, deload to 85 kg and go on again.
Bench was getting tough, but I just have to work my way up slowly.
Barbell rows were fine.
Pull-ups felt good.

I'm gonna do overhead press/deadlifts on Friday and then take a week off from the heavy weights (school break). I'll most likely do a lot of push-ups, pull-ups and ab work that week and hopefully I will get some running on as well. Haven't really been for a run since I started weightlifting back in October.

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Re: Quest for strength!

#27 Postby lobsteriffic » Tue Feb 08, 2011 7:19 pm

Just getting caught up on your log - you are moving some nice weights!

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Re: Quest for strength!

#28 Postby oneoranother » Fri Feb 11, 2011 11:59 am

Thank you, I do what I can! :)

So I have done a lot of running and climbing the last two days. Which meant that my legs were pretty sore before today's workout, so I decided to take an easy day.

Squats: 50 kg 1x10, 70 kg 1x5, 80 kg 3x5
OHP: 20 kg 1x10, 30 kg 5x5
Deadlift: 70 kg 1x5, 90 kg 1x5, 95 kg 1x1

I did light squats 'cause 92,5 kg 5x5 would have practically killed me today :D Also light overhead press. I think I need to eat more, 'cause I kinda feel I'm on a plateau on this lift.
Deadlift was great and I did a single on 95 kg. With two minutes longer rest I could probably have done 100 instead, but I decided to take it easy. Still happy with the 5 reps of 90 though.
I trained with a friend today, so after the deadlift we just jammed around doing some dips and pull-ups, having fun :)

Okay, so about the eating: I've been on ca. 3300 calories a day for the last month or so. Sometimes a little more, but I think I will need to up it to ca. 4000. I will be hitchhiking some during the next week so I am not gonna be able to eat that much there, but after that week I am going to up the calories. During the next week I will be working out with whatever I can find, which means different kind of (weighted) push-ups and pull-ups. I will be doing inverted rows, flies with some kind of heavy objects, overhead press and a lot of abs. I will also run a lot hopefully, if it's not snowing to much. Well, it's gonna be great with a break from the heavy weights, but on the other hand I can't wait to get back and blast some heavy stuff :D

Have a GREAT day!

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Re: Quest for strength!

#29 Postby oneoranother » Mon Feb 14, 2011 12:52 pm

Just finished today's workout and here's how it went:

My friend and I decided to skip the hitchhiking this time due to the not-so-good weather. It's been very stormy both yesterday and today, and snow is supposed to hit us again one of these days. But no snow today, and since you gotta keep your promises, I settled out for a run for the first time since I started weight training back in October. It was horrible! I ran my usual 5 km route but I did it five minutes slower than last time in October, and 6 minutes slower than my record that I certainly want to beat this spring/summer. And it was not because I didn't gave it what I had, I can already tell that my calves are gonna be sore tomorrow. But I have not been running for 4 months, which by the way was very stupid, looking back. It's been hard to schedule it in since I started lifting weights, but it's just a habit that I have to take up again, so I'm gonna run again Thursday I think. I really enjoy running when it's not so damn cold :)

After I came home I drank some water, ate an orange and then hit the weights. I have 2x5 kg dumbbells and 2x10 kg dumbbells, so even though it's not that much weight, it should provide me a solid workout when I don't have access to the heavier weights. Here's what I did:

2x8 - Regular push-ups with 10 kg in a rucksack
1x8 - Push-ups with 20 kg and hands on a chair
1x8 - Push-ups with 10 kg and feet on a chair

3x8 - Dumbbell flies

3x8 - Inverted rows under a table
3x10 - Dumbbell rows with no rest between sets (right arm, left arm, right arm etc.)

3x8 - Hammer curls, superset with weighted crunches and bicycles - no rest between sets

This got me pretty pumped up and I plan to do a similar workout Wednesday, unless someone has some suggestions? It's gotta be full upper body (the running takes care of the legs) and it has to be light enough that I can do it both Wednesday and Friday before going back to the heavy weights Monday.

As for the eating: I'm still tracking calories every day and so far I've managed 3000 kcal today with 100 grams of protein and only 30 grams of fat. I just finished my post workout smoothie and I think I will only have one or maybe two more meals today. I should end up with about 4000 kcal anyways. I think that should be enough on a workout day.

Well I hope you still enjoy reading the log, if so, feel free to ask if you are wondering about anything. I always enjoy talking to other vegan people, especially those lifting weights :D

Have a great day!

P.S. I just discovered that I forgot the pull-ups.. I'm gonna go and do them now over the stairs. It's too freaking cold to go outside in a tree! :D

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Re: Quest for strength!

#30 Postby oneoranother » Wed Feb 16, 2011 10:12 am

Went for a nice run with a friend, then did weights something like this:

Regular weighted push-ups - 2 sets
Incline weighted push-ups - 1 set
Decline weighted push-ups - 1 set

Narrow grip pull-ups - 2 sets
Wide grip pull-ups - 3 sets

Dumbbell flies - 3 sets

Inverted rows - 3 sets

Hanging leg raises - 2 sets

Hammer curls - 3 sets

Dumbbell rows - 3 sets, no rest inbetween

Crunches/bicycles - 3 sets

Over and out :)

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