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Re: Veganarchy's Lifestyle Journal

#61 Postby Veganarchy » Sun Feb 05, 2012 3:51 pm

Hey, everyone. It's Veganarchy here for the first time in eight months! A lot has happened during that time, and I'm coming back to this website and forum for support from people who share similar interests as me and might have gone through similar life events.

Looking back on those six or seven months or so of exercising so intensely, I can say that I am really proud of myself for having pushed myself so hard. I gleamed a lot of knowledge from being so disciplined, but especially from working so hard while weight lifting. I learned that weight lifting is a powerful tool to work through the mental blocks, those that tell us it's not possible to go any further, or to improve any more. Unfortunately for me, when the weight lifting stopped, so did my application of my insights into the human potential.

I stopped lifting because I got very sick. It was not a physical sickness -- I was mentally disoriented and was placed in a hospital for a long time, on and off for three months. During this time, I was fed sub-par hospital food and for some reason I fell off of the vegan bandwagon (I think due to lack of knowledge. I have since ready Kathy Freston's Veganist and parts of The Ethics of What We Eat.). I started to eat emotionally and didn't inhibit myself from going for the fatty desserts and eating three peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches a day, in addition to three meals. When I left the hospital for the final time, I ended up weighing about 140 lbs, a huge leap from my 118.

But the eating didn't stop after I left the hospital. I went to a group home for two weeks and even though the food there was god-awful, I at my fill and more. And then, even after I left the group home, I ate as much as I wanted without inhibition. I ended up looking like this
Photo 60.jpg
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(this past summer) to looking like this
Photo 12.jpg
Photo 12.jpg (37.47 KiB) Viewed 1274 times

I fit into a size zero pant and am now wearing a size four. Of course, the discouragement is insurmountable. All of that hard work for what? Last winter I weight in at 135 and got lean and mean to a weight of almost 115, and now I weigh even more than I did when I be can exercising diligently.

So is it possible to get back into the shape I was in at the end of this past summer?

Of course it is.

I have signed up for a small group training program that meets two times a week, and classes are only 6-8 people. That, in addition to other classes that are available at my school gym, and going to yoga classes frequently should all help in getting myself back to my ideal shape and weight. Yoga especially, can help my mental and spiritual (as long as my physical) well being.

Okay, off to my "Tone and Tighten" class! I might edit this later.

Oh, and I need all the support I can get from you folks out there who have possibly gone through similar life events! Or even if you just have a few words of encouragement, that would be great.

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