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Re: Asparagus Strength Journey

Posted: Sun Oct 06, 2013 12:21 am
by Mini Forklift Ⓥ
Great squats and deads mate, lap up the deload week now.
Hope your headache comes right, I'm sure it will be a tweaked muscle or a side effect of over-exerting yourself. Hope you are having a top weekend MF.
PS: Heard from ScooterPie yesterday, he got his prize pack that I sent out to him. Better late than never!

Re: Asparagus Strength Journey

Posted: Fri Oct 11, 2013 6:12 pm
by asparagus
5/3/1 Cycle 5 Week 4 recap

Deload week

OHP 3x5@60/75/90#
Deadlift 3x5@175/215/255#
Hang clean and jerk 3x5@115#
Squat 4x5@115/135/165/195#
Bench 3x5@95/115/135#
DB Row 3x5@40/50/60#
Hanging knee raise 3x5@BW (207#)

Lost a pound and a half since last Friday. Not much to worry about, pretty standard variation. Got a headache again on Tuesday while doing deadlifts. I think it's an exertion headache, as it only happens on deadlifts when I take breath at the bottom and hold it for the whole rep, or on squats when I do really slow heavy sets and really squeeze my core. I only switched up my breathing on deadlifts as Rippetoe recommends it in his book, so I wanted to try it. However, I think I will stick with breathing at the top, as I don't get headaches that way! I also won't be doing my volume sets of squats as slowly. Time under tension is great and all but headaches aren't, especially if they make me stop lifting (like last Friday).

Re: Asparagus Strength Journey

Posted: Fri Oct 18, 2013 7:34 pm
by asparagus
Weighed in at 202.2# bare and empty on Tuesday morning, 206.5# at the gym. Today at the gym I was 209.7#.

5/3/1 Cycle 6 Week 1 Recap

OHP: 11@133#, 5x10@78#, Hang clean: 5@78#, 3x155#, 5@135#
Deadlift: 10@365#, 5x10@225#, back raise: 20, 15, 15 all at BW (206.5#)
Bench: 8@195#, 5x10@125#, 1 hand BB row: 5@~75#, 5@~85#, 10@~95#, 5x10@~65#
Squat: 10@285#, 5x10@180#, leg raise: 4x10, knee raise 1x10

All in all a good volume week. Moved a lot of weight for a lot of reps. Very pleased.

On Monday (OHP) I tried doing a muscle-up and tweaked my right rear deltoid. It's been sore all week now. It hurt a bit while doing the volume sets on OHP and a little during my bench sets on Thursday. Hopefully it will mend up over the weekend.

On Tuesday (Deadlift) the heavy set was very light touch-n-go, trying to minimize the bounce but not resetting between reps. I went back to breathing at the top and had no headaches. The volume work was done with a pause on the floor, breathing at the floor for the reset and breathing again at the top. Again, no headaches, hurray!

On Thursday (bench) I had more in the tank on the heavy set, but my should was bothering me a bit so I didn't go for it. I know I could have hit another rep but didn't want to over-stress my shoulder. Instead of doing dumbell rows, I set up the core blaster with a barbell to do 1-arm barbell rows. The stance was a bit different, more upright, than I usually do rows, but the heaviest dumbells my gym has are 100# and 110#, so I need to switch to the barbell to go heavy.

Today, Friday (squats), I got a minor headache after my 2nd volume set. On the 3rd-5th sets I double-breathed at the top and didn't get headaches. I also did them at a normal pace, not super slow as in last cycle. I also took a bit more time between reps on the heavy set.

Overall I think I'm responding pretty well to the Boring But Big template. I feel really strong on all my lifts and if my volume numbers correlate to max lifts, my theoretical maxes at the end of this month/cycle will be
OHP: 184#
Deadlift: 499#
Bench: 257#
Squat: 394#
I really wanted to hit 200/300/400/500 OHP/bench/squat/deadlift by the end of this year, but I think I'll wait a few more cycles before I test any of them.

Re: Asparagus Strength Journey

Posted: Fri Oct 25, 2013 7:49 pm
by asparagus
5/3/1 Cycle 6 Week 2 recap

It was a short week, as I was sick on Tuesday and took Thursday off lifting as well to give my shoulder more recovery time.

OHP: 9@140# +1 push press, 5x10@80#, Pullups 2x3 supinated, Hang clean 3@95#, 3@135#, 3@145#, 3@155#, 3@165#
Squat: 6@305#, 5x10@180#, Bench 6@205#, 1-arm BB row 10@~100#

My shoulder started bothering me during OHP and got painful during pullups. However, no pain during hang cleans. Still the right rear deltoid that's giving me crap. It felt a little sore Tuesday and Wednesday, but Thursday was alright. I started to feel it again during bench and rows today, which is why I didn't bother with the volume work. Well that and I didn't want to be in the gym for 2 hours. It's a little sore now, but not as bad as earlier in the week. I'll have to take it easy over the weekend and hopefully I'll be good for some heavy presses next Monday.

Re: Asparagus Strength Journey

Posted: Sat Oct 26, 2013 1:09 am
by vegan_rossco
5/3/1 again then bud? How's it going this time? I do miss this kind of training :(

Re: Asparagus Strength Journey

Posted: Mon Oct 28, 2013 7:34 pm
by asparagus
yeah, I've been on it for almost 7 months again. Going great, just like last time, although I am content with the slower progression now. Previously I switched off it because I thought I could improve faster on a different program, but that didn't work out.

Hit 7@150# OHP today, pretty stoked about that. That matches my PB from before my shoulder got screwed up, 5 months or so ago. The extra volume work on the BBB template really seems to be helping out as well.

Re: Asparagus Strength Journey

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 6:27 pm
by asparagus
5/3/1 Cycle 6 Week 3 recap

OHP: 7@150#, 5x10@80#, Hang clean: 5@95#, 2x5@135#

Deadlift: 7@405#, 5x10@235#

Bench: 6@215#, 5x10@125#
1-hand BB Row: 10@~120#, 5x10@~70#

Squat: 6@320#, 5x10@180#, Leg raise: 5x10

Had a pretty good week overall. Rear right delt was sore on Monday after pressing. Had a little discomfort towards the end of the volume sets. Couldn't do any pullups. Deadlifts felt heavy. Lost my grip on completing rep 4 so I quickly grabbed some more chalk and pulled another 3. It was hard to resume after even a 10-second break, and I felt a little sloppy on the last rep. Bench day went well, nothing of note. Squats also went well.

Re: Asparagus Strength Journey

Posted: Fri Nov 15, 2013 8:31 pm
by asparagus
Last week was a deload week, didn't post anything.

5/3/1 Cycle 7 Week 1 Recap

OHP: 10@138# (had to use the 15kg bar again), 5x10@83#
Pullups (mixed grips) 5x5@BW (210#)

Deadlift: 10@370# (touch-n-go), 5x10@235#

Bench: 8@200#, 5x10@125#
1-hand BB row: 12@~110#
DB row: 5x10@70#

Squat: 10@295#, 1x19@185#, 3x10@185#
Leg raise: 1x8
Knee raise: 4x10

I strained my right deltoid going for the 10th rep on OHP. It ended up being sore all week. Hopefully it will be OK by Monday, but I'll probably take it easy next week to make sure I don't exacerbate the strain. I let the deadlifts bounce twice between reps, keeping tension on the bar the whole time. I don't drop the bar until it is a couple inches off the floor. If they only bounce once then it is much easier to get them up for the subsequent rep. The second bounce means they have lost most of their kinetic energy, and while it is not a paused/reset rep, it's still good and strenuous. Bench was tough because of the shoulder strain, but I actually had another in the tank on the 200# set. I'm happy with the squats although I think I may have had another in the tank on that one too. On the first volume set I decided to go for 25 reps, but around rep 16 I started getting a headache. By the 19th rep it was splitting and I had to stop. I had the strength to hit 25 reps easily, but I forgot to double-breath between reps on the volume set as I have been doing for the past month. I double-breathed on the subsequent sets and they where doable but I still had a minor headache at the end of each one. Still feel a little off.

All in all some good numbers this week.

Re: Asparagus Strength Journey

Posted: Fri Nov 22, 2013 8:54 pm
by asparagus
5/3/1 Cycle 7 Week 2 Recap

OHP - 8@145#, 5x10@85#
Pullup - 5x5 supinated

Deadlift - 7@395#, 5x10@235#
Hang clean - 3x10@135#
Back raise - 3x15@BW

Bench - 7@210#, 5x10@130#
1-hand bb row - 10@115#
DB row - 5x10@70#

Squat - 8@315# PB, 5x10@185#
Leg raise - 5x10
24" box jump - 3x10, x5@+25#, x3@+35#, x3@+45# (grabbing a plate in front with both hands)

Overall a great week. Shoulder was feeling better come Monday but I started to feel it strain again on the heavy OHP set. Deadlifts were going well but my grip gave out on the last rep. Had the strength for one more touch-n-go, but my hands were shot. Bench session was great. I only planned to go for 6 reps given my shoulder but I had no real trouble getting the seventh, and my shoulder wasn't so bad for it. Squat session was also great. Was only expecting 7 reps but got the eighth without much fuss. I'm a little unsure about my depth though - I think they weren't quite to parallel. Next heavy squat session I'll have to ask someone to depth check for me.

Re: Asparagus Strength Journey

Posted: Fri Dec 06, 2013 7:07 pm
by asparagus
So last week was Thanksgiving and since I'd only have Monday-Wednesday available to hit the gym, I decided to do a deload week last week and do my heavy 5/3/1 week this week. Unfortunately I caught a slight cold over the weekend which was enough to throw me off my groove. Other than today's squat workout I had a pretty mediocre week.

5/3/1 Cycle 7 Week 4 (program week 3) recap

OHP - 6@155#
OH shrug, shoulders to top of head - 3x5@155#
OHP - 5x10@85#
Deadlift - 4@415#

Bench - 5@220#, 5x10@130#
DB Row - 10@110#, 25@75#

Squat - 6@330# PB, 5x10@185# superset with
Pullups, neutral grip, explosive - 5x3

Got in to work really late on Monday so I skipped the gym and did my OHP on Tuesday before Deadlifts. The workout sucked. Low energy, poor performance, couldn't get in the groove. I just wasn't into it. I tried to get a 7th rep on OHP but failed. Spending so much energy on OHP probably contributed to lackluster Deadlift performance. Judging by last week I was expecting to get at least 6 reps. Thursday's bench workout wasn't much better although my rowing was OK. Today's squat workout was the only one that I felt OK on, in fact I'm pretty sure I left a good rep still in the tank on the heavy set. I also concentrated on squeezing my glutes, as I noticed a lack of glute activation on them. I'm going to have to remember to keep doing that for the next couple cycles so it becomes habit.

Up to 213# BW at workout time today. Still gaining weight. Hopefully this helps my lifts go up a bit.

Re: Asparagus Strength Journey

Posted: Fri Dec 13, 2013 8:12 pm
by asparagus
5/3/1 Holiday Intermission

Instead of the regularly scheduled 5/3/1 lifts for this and next week I've decided to work on some power cleans and push-presses. I'll get back to the 5/3/1 in January. I might test some maxes next week, but I'll see how I feel on those days.

My schedule was a bit screwy this week, so only ended up lifting twice.

Power clean - this is my first real attempt at learning the form, so I did multiple training sets with just the bar, and then a whole bunch of sets at 95#. I've done power cleans previously in order to set the bar for OHP, but I know my form was terrible so I started at the beginning. Tried a set at 135#, but form went to shit so I did a few more sets at 95#.
Push press - Again, I've never really done push press, but it's not that complicated so I just went right into it.
3@95, 3@135, 3@155, 2@175, 1@185, 1@195, 1@205, fail@215. To be honest, I think the sets at 195 and 205 were more of a push-jerk than push-press.
Front squat - 3@135, 3@175, 3@195. I haven't done these since I started on Stronglifts almost 3 years ago, so my form was a bit off. I actually had trouble with the triple at 195! Not in the legs, but in keeping my torso tight and upright.

Today (Friday):
Power clean - a bunch of practice sets at 3x and 5x95#. Worked up to 1@205#. I didn't try heavier because at 205# my legs were a bit too spread out and I had to bend my knees to get under the bar for the catch. I definitely am not ready for heavy weights on this, but wanted to get a feel for my limits. Did a couple of back-off form sets at 5@135#.
Push press - worked up to 1@195#
Push jerk - 1@210, 1@215, 1@220, 1@225. Failed on the first 225 attempt but reset, took a minute, then hit it. The intent here was to find my push-press max but on these last 4 sets my form more closely resembled a jerk - using legs/hips to get the bar up, then using shoulders/arms to press it while dropping my body down a couple inches, and then locking my elbows under the bar and standing up when it got near the top. Still happy about the amount of weight I got overhead!
24" box jumps - 5x10, supersetted with the push-jerk.

Re: Asparagus Strength Journey

Posted: Tue Dec 17, 2013 10:22 am
by landsleaving
Nice Lifting, (nobody told you front squats are an upper back exercise!!) They are great for staying supple too.
I hope you make the 200/300/400/500 OHP/bench/squat/deadlift soon. It is a very significant milestone.

Re: Asparagus Strength Journey

Posted: Fri Dec 20, 2013 6:15 pm
by asparagus
Thanks, landsleaving. I was hoping for that milestone by the end of 2013 but it's not going to happen.

I tested maxes this week. I wish I was happier with my results, but I have only increased slightly over a year ago. I failed on my deadlift test however, so that one remains the same. And that is the one I had the highest hope for hitting my goal for this year.

Monday - Deadlift 1RM test
warmups then 3@335, 1@375, 1@405, 1@445, fail@475, fail@465
Power clean: 2x5@135, 5@155
Really dissapointed with the lifts. 445# felt heavier than I wanted it to and felt my back round a bit so I dropped my planned 485 lift to 475. Got the slack out of the bar on 475 but couldn't get it off the floor. 465 came up a few inches but I was done. Was having trouble getting in the groove and my start position felt loose. BW 211# today.

Wednesday - Bench/1-arm BB row 1RM test
bench warmups then 3@205, 1@225, 1@240, 1@255
row warmups then 3@105, 1@125, 1@135, 1@140
Great session. 240# went up easy so I felt good going into 255. Was a grinder but I got it up. My ass was starting to break contact with the bench though, so it was definitely at my limit. Rows went well, although form is a bit tough to nail down with this format (barbell in the core-blaster, stack of 10# plates on the end, grip at about 2/3 from the center of the bar to the sleeve at the end of the knurling). Used a staggered narrow stance. Also rowed 145#, but my torso was a bit more upright and I didn't get the bar up to my chest so it doesn't count. BW 213# today.

Friday - Squat 1RM test
warmups then 3@285, 1@325, 1@355, fail@385, 1@375, 1@385
power clean: 5@135, 3@155, 3@175, 1@195, 1@205, fail@215
Got stuck half-way up on my first attempt at 385, had to ditch the bar to the pins. I reduced the weight to 375 and hit that one pretty well so I went for 385 again. I think it may have been slightly above parallel, but it was close so I'm calling it good. Tried to see if I could up my max on power cleans as well but by the time I got around to 215 I was spent. I'm going to work power cleans into regular rotation next cycle, 3xweek so I can get some practice. I definitely need to do a lot of technique work on them. BW 213.5# today.

I think in the future I should try smaller jumps in weight when testing maxes. My bench and row tests were fine, as those were small increments, but 30-40# is probably a bit too much for the deadlift and squat. With smaller increments I'll get a better feel for the heavier weight in a gradual manner, and then perhaps my performance on them will be a bit better.

Current max lifts:
OHP - 170# (haven't retested, but it probably hasn't gone up by much)
Bench - 255#
Squat - 385#
Deadlift - 460# (no increase)
Average BW this week - 212.5#

I need to step it up next year and get on the ball.

Re: Asparagus Strength Journey

Posted: Fri Dec 27, 2013 4:29 pm
by Mini Forklift Ⓥ
Good training buddy, when do you think you will reschedule the max deadlifts for?

Hope you had a great Christmas MF.

Re: Asparagus Strength Journey

Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 9:01 pm
by asparagus
Thanks, MF. Not sure when I will try the deadlifts again. Getting right back on the horse though to pick up where I left off. I'm not deloading like I did after last holiday break.

Took two weeks off from the gym, only because my University was closed for the Holidays. Last year I got in a couple free workouts at Gold's gym, but I didn't try anything like that this time.

Came back this week for a light work week to get me primed for the next cycle.

OHP - 5@45#, 5@65, 5@85, 5@105, 5@135, 3@155
Power clean and press - 2x5@95
Chinups - 2x5
I shouldn't have tried going so heavy on my first day back. I was feeling good and wanted to get some heavier weights overhead again, but ended up straining my right shoulder. Eh, back to normal I suppose.

Deadlift - 5@135#, 5@185, 5@225, 5@275, 5@315
Snatch grip deadlift - 3x3@225
Chinups - 3x2
Felt OK on deadlifts, but my shoulder was still bothering me, so couldn't do much on chins. I was testing out the snatch grip for possible future accessory work, but I'm not sure I like the way they feel. I may try deficit deads instead for helping my deadlift at the floor.

Bench - skipped, wanted to rest my shoulder.

Squat - 5@45#, 5@95, 5@145, 5@185, 5@225, 5@265, 3@295
My lower back was a little stiff afterwards, but feels fine now. Should have tried some light benching also, but wanted to get out of the gym so I can go home (18:00 and still at work on a Friday evening).