What constitutes "Body Building"--from a women's perspective

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What constitutes "Body Building"--from a women's perspective

#1 Postby divamom » Fri Nov 18, 2011 2:26 pm

Moving this to a new thread from JF's training log, as I have a question.

So,..when I go to the gym...and spend 50 minutes to an hour and a half lifting--(hard, I might add), but I am content with being a pipsqueak 110 -115 pound person,..that doesn't count as body building? Just curious...as I know I do more than just lift a few 5 pound dumbbells. I choose to not get bigger ie, pounds wise--I am totally loving the Desperate Housewife Hollywood lean and thin look, but I still feel I am body building and at this point I am looking for gain, but I don't want to get heavier, so I watch my calories, keep my protein high and monitor my beloved carbs and nut butters, again, I am 50, my body is at a different point in life and for me its all personal- No More Competitions, ever...and I think a lot of women, not all on this site may feel the same way. I know "bodybuilders" eschew cardio and some brag how they never do it at all...so I am just wondering. I switched from running 2.5 years ago as I had a hernia that made it impossible and I just had surgery a week ago ( and have been to the gym 3x already and I am soooo weak and depleted and I know I lost strength and muscle and even aerobic capacity...crazy how being under general and having a big cut in your body can do that!!!!), so I am eating A LOT right now as I need calories..everything extra I had went to recovery and now I feel like I am running behind...but prior to the surgery, I was in the gym up to two and half hours a day for 7 months --and the reason I started lifting again was to make my core strong knowing eventually I would need surgery. I am hoping I can run miles and miles again, but if not, I got the stairmill and lots of weights...but really...for us wimmen folk that lift and gains are slower...I still think I am bodybuilding. The reason I LOVE cardio so much..its mentally clearing, its empowering and freeing, you aren't in a sweaty room with a bunch of big guys, and it doesn't matter how good you are...you can just DO IT. ANYWHERE. PLUS, if one tends to gain body fat easily...it keeps the poundage from piling up.

I still see running and weight training as separate--they are two different sports..and I am not so great at either..I just know I do BOTH with all my heart. I still see myself as bodybuilding!

Hope all have an AMAZING day, whenever you are reading ( if you read this)

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Re: What constitutes "Body Building"--from a women's perspec

#2 Postby Baby Hercules » Fri Nov 18, 2011 3:54 pm

The way I define it, if I am taking action to sculpt my body's muscular shape and response, and that action includes lifting weights, I'm bodybuilding. That's me. Others have their own definition. Come up with something that feels good and makes you feel proud of yourself and you're good to go. :)

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Re: What constitutes "Body Building"--from a women's perspec

#3 Postby Vegercize » Fri Nov 18, 2011 6:07 pm

Technically Bodybuilding is a form of body modification involving intensive muscle hypertrophy. That's the strict definition. If you're not looking to get bigger, and are after a thin look then why feel the need to label yourself as a bodybuilder. It's kind of like calling yourself vegan and still drinking milk. Why not just say you lift weights or do strength training? Bodybuilding is a specific sport.

I run, cycle and lift weights. I'm not a bodybuilder.

divamom wrote:I am totally loving the Desperate Housewife Hollywood lean and thin look,

Serious? Those women look ill
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Re: What constitutes "Body Building"--from a women's perspec

#4 Postby divamom » Fri Nov 18, 2011 6:18 pm

I dont want to get bigger anymore...been there and done that, but I know how hard I work. Thats why I was asking...oh, and I would never drink milk!

Its a different look, Hollywood thin...I am 5'3" and 108- 113 pounds..I am about 8-10% body fat on any given day and I switched to this lean by choice about 2 years ago. I say Desperate Housewives, because one of my friends said, "Oh My Gosh, you are so teeny and lean,...you could be like a Desperate Housewife", so thats where I got it. If you saw me you wouldn't say I look yek at all. My kids are freaked cause all their friends say, "We saw your mom at the gym, and..."...well, they are 21 and 19 year old men hearing this about their mom...its crazy.

I eat 110 - 140 grams of protein a day, my calories are about 2000 on a normal day and I think for the first time in years I am happiest w/ my body. I gave up size by choice and now just concentrating on making what I have left all muscle. So, is that not bodybuilding..or does it take a new label,..ie weight training or as all the latest non bodybuilding women's fitness mags and blogs refer to it collectively, as "Resistance Training" ( which it is.)

love the feedback,

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Re: What constitutes "Body Building"--from a women's perspec

#5 Postby veggiesasquatch » Sat Nov 19, 2011 9:49 am

I wouldn't call the women in that show bodybuilders if that's what your body resembles.

I use to run & do some weights. I would use that exact term, I run but do some weights. I guess this would be just a fitness program or something. Now I'm actually on a powerlifting/strength program so
I guess I now fall into this category. A powelifter lifts wights but they clearly are not bodybuilders & vice versa.

On a side note do you up your calories on a training day? As if you run & lift weights this is rather low. Protein in takes on the money if your maintaining.
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