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Kyle's Training Journal

#1 Postby rgiest » Thu Dec 22, 2011 1:27 am

I've been keeping a training log in a journal for some time now but am moving it to the site! In all my workouts, I like to do 3 or 4 main exercises with core and small muscles in between. For example, I'll usually superset Pull Ups with one or two core exercises, recovering for the pull ups while I hit my core. I do this to keep up the intensity of the workouts and otherwise I get bored waiting around to do the next set. I try to keep workout times short, between 30 and 45 minutes so I can keep up the intensity for the entire workout. Also, I've been doing two 'upper' and two 'lower' body workouts each week. On this journal, I'll leave out the specific core exercises since I don't really have names for them. Ok, so I didn't workout today but I'll post my workouts from the past two days on this post:

Monday 12/19/11- Lower Body (So in this workout, *look below* I would do a set of dead lifts then do the two core exercises, then go straight into my next set of dead lifts, and so on. I did the same type of thing for the one-leg deadlifts, and the weighted lunges)

Dead lifts 185x10 205x9 225x8 275x1
Core Exercise
Core Exercise
One-Leg Dead lifts 75x6(per leg) 75x6 75x6
Core Exercise
Box Jumps 12 12 12
Weighted Lunges 45(in each arm for total of 90)x8 45x8 45x8
Core Exercise
Notes: I've never tried a one-rep max for most of the exercises I do; but the last dead lift set was just to see where I'm at in regards to a one-rep max for dead lift. I stopped after one rep in the last set because I didn't want to fatigue my legs as I 'searched' for this one-rep max. Guessing my max is around 325, but this could be way off.

Tuesday 12/20/11- Upper Body

Bench Press 105-11 125-5 125-5
Core ex.
Core ex.
Bent Over Row 95-12 110-9 115-8
Core ex
Pull Ups(Narrow Grip) 7 7 6
Core ex
Overhead Squat 45-12 65-11 75-10
Notes: Bench press was a little weak today, my right chest muscle was somewhat sore from a dive in ultimate frisbee on saturday. I wanted to get a feel for the overhead squat again as I attempt to reincorporate some basic olympic lifts back into training.

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