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Re: Rj's Workout Journal

#31 Postby gweimo » Fri Feb 03, 2012 6:43 am

Had a day off yesterday,sleep has been bad the last few days,so has my stomach (I have IBS). I was feeling under the weather and although I walked the dogs (about 25mins) by the pm I was feeling very tired,my throat was sore and I just didnt feel right so I went to bed and rested.

Slept well last night (the usual 3-4 wake ups but not bad) and woke up feeling initially ok but with my stomach acting off. It's got worse from there and now I feel awful,weak and am back in bed. I'm busy tomorrow now so need to be ok by then. It's very rare for me to go back to bed but when you feel ill sometimes I guess you need extra rest. Hopefully a bit of rest and i'll be fine later. If not I guess i'll take time off from my workout today,annoying buy no point pushing yourself when you're ill.

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Re: Rj's Workout Journal

#32 Postby kareno » Fri Feb 03, 2012 10:25 pm

Hey Ruth! Great job with your journaling! I'm one of the VB&F team members, and we got your email request to have your journal reviewed for eligiblity. We'll be shipping out prize packages beginning mid-month! Great job! Hope you'll stick around the forum and continue to post and be a valuable member of this online community!

All the best,

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