Pure Happiness in Personal Creation

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Pure Happiness in Personal Creation

#1 Postby davidJkong » Thu Jan 12, 2012 11:32 pm

Thursday Jan12, 2012

Today was beautiful yet cold on Vancouver Island. The blades of grass protruded like chards of frosted crystal and the streets were quietly stirring. Feeling refreshed from my day of rest I was ready to get to the gym and continue to meet my personal goals but first, a green smoothy. My body craves this first thing in the morning; a small bouquet of happiness.
Todays smoothy consists of: 6 Stalks of Kale
1 banana
1 apple
a small nub of Raw Turmeric bulb
3 large scoops of pumpkin protein
BCAA ( derived from fermented beets )
Throw it into a blender with half a litre of water and Yumm!!!!

I love running so I decided three years ago I would run everywhere including work so I stuff a surf pack full of my books and clothing weighing approximately 40 pounds. It's is a little funny as my stride is shorter, my back is straight and it looks awkward but what a great core workout. I noticed it strengthens my run without the pack.
11:00 rolls by and I enjoy one cup of almonds and a Vega Performance protein.
Half an hour later I mix Vega performance excelorator with BCAA and creatine getting ready for my twelve o clock date with the gym.
12:00 and out the door. I sprint as fast as I can to the gym around 1km away then I walk a nice 5 min to reach my preferred heart rate. I am Stoked! To my surprise, its quiet and half empty gym.
Warm ups:
100 chin-ups
Dynamic single arm rows until I hit that sweat
Now to Business:
Preacher curls Beginning at- 45 pounds x 12
40 pounds x 10
35 pounds x 8
30 pounds x 6
25 pounds x 4
By this time my muscles are feeling it and can't possibly preach any more, so I move on hammer curls.
15 pounds x 20 and again until failure WOW!!!!

Barbell curls until failure and again reverse grip until failure

Dips for my triceps 3 x each until failure

and I finish it off with cable curls
Set High at 75 pounds until blow out
Set low at 75 pounds until blowout

Yupp! I feel it but what would a work out be without some cardio. Beautiful cold day outside and perfect for a short 5k run.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I earned a good Vega shake and three power black bean burritos!!!! Yay!!!
Don't get me wrong I have my water and I drink it periodically through out the workout.
Later I treat myself to a matcha green tea and continue to meet my Vegan power protein requirements.

While I work out I have thoughts that move around in my mind. Today was this quote from the
Dalai Lama “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”
Everyday when I tie up my laces or hit that physical challenge at the gym or trail this makes me happy and it feels like the light shines from within. His quote is true pure happiness is in personal creation. Create, build and apply our knowledge then happiness will emerge.

PS. You know you had a workout when you feel it a little and I definitely do

Keep it green Yo!
David :wink http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LL-9SnVK ... re=related

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