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Re: Miloko's Fitness Journal

#16 Postby Miloko » Thu Feb 05, 2015 5:52 pm


Current Weight: 65.0KG
Current Waist Size: 27 inches

My body weight fluctuates between 63 and 66KG regularly, but my waist size is quite stable around the 27inch mark and has been for a few months.


Weight: 60KG
Waist Size: 26 inches or so. Be good to not be in-between sizes in waistbands.
Badass Level: Ballet dancing, martial artist zombie slayer
Equipment: Tutu, baseball bat, red lipstick, arsenal of witty one liners.

Strength: This year I have completely changed the focus of my fitness goals. I have gone from mainly focussing on fat weight loss and muscle gain to focussing on improving stamina and flexibility. I do enough body weight training to maintain the muscle I gained last year (love being strong!). I've picked up a stretch band to work on the muscles in my ankles and feet for dance. Although I've only used this once so far. I'm trying to find time in my day to make that a routine.

Weight: I've still got some fat weight to lose. I'm hoping that will come off as I continue to do things I enjoy and strive for good vegan nutrition. I think Christmas indulgence set me back, but it was good times!

Cardio: Now I run using the Zombies, Run! app on my phone 3-4 times a week. Clocking up 5KM each run. It's getting easier.

Martial arts: I continue to train in karate, but usually only one night a week instead of two.

Dance: I take an adult ballet class once a week and I'm going to start taking two classes a week from next Monday. Ballet has quickly become a big thing for me.

Flexibility: I fit in occasional pilates/yoga sessions at home with a friend. I'm not really a fan of all this slow moving stuff, but I know I need it.

General: So, I'm keeping very busy. I'm not sure what measurements I'll put on here from now on. I should probably do a new full-body measure to see where I am with gains and losses in inches, but I'm actually not measuring or relying on the scales too much at the moment.

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