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#1 Postby someguy » Fri Feb 13, 2015 6:54 pm

Sup all..
going to keep this short and sweet
i'm going to start a routine again at home, i have approximately 80kg of cast iron weights avaliable, aswell as a bench, including 4x5kg weights i purchased today.

i will track my macros for atleast a few weeks, until i get a good sense for it
i will set up some sort of meal plan by monday afternoon to stick by.

currently i'm 6'2 and approximately 80kg (it may have gone up or down a little since i last checked, but its usually pretty constant), i've always eaten healthy, been conscious about that , have worked out when it was avaliable to me, but i'm still skinny, i have been involved in several cardio sports which i took seriously, this year i'm taking a break from those.

for now, i want to set a goal for myself, something along the lines of 10-20x pullups, and maybe some other goals, once i reach that point i will join a gym and stop working out at home (but until then, i'll save the money and do what i can with what i got), suggestions?

my first challenge i think, is setting up a meal plan to follow, ideally, i would like it to be something along this idea, 50% fixed (ie, 50% of the stuff i eat is identical each day, ie, 1 cup oats, 10 cups almonds, 15 cups lentils), and will be the basis for any macros i want to obtain, the other 50% i can mix and match, make foods i like to fill out the rest of calorie needs, so i'm giving myself a deadline of monday to sort that out.

the routine, i think i can sort out fairly easily, perhaps someone can suggest some exercises to target muscles that are difficult to hit with free weights, or something, other than that, i plan on doing a push day, pull day, maybe a leg day (not sure if thats so possible with free weights and limited room), and core every 2 days, the push/pull/leg days, will be 3 days on, then a day rest, and the core workouts will just go continuously

could someone link me to some calculators or something (that work) for weight/height and macro needs (what is current recommendations for macros?)

also, i would like to make the diet as simple as possible, and use alot of cheap, bulk foods, and i will probably fill out the second 50% out with vegetables, stir fries/curry type dishes with lentils, things like lentils, oats, protein powder, frozen veg, sweet potato, rice, quinoa, almonds, that sort of thing to make it just as straight forward and easy to follow as possible, so if anyone wants to suggest some good foods like that to add to the mix, please leave a comment..

suggestions welcome, thanks

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