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Hayden Lee's Training Journal

#1 Postby haydenlee » Mon Jul 13, 2015 2:40 pm

Hi guys, after travelling round the world for a while, I'm getting back into lifting.

Height: 6 foot (183 cms)
Current Weight: 145 lbs
Goal Weight: 160 lbs

So my main goal isn't to get huge- thinking more Men's Fitness than Arnold. I have a pretty low BF%, and with some cutting could develop good abs and definition, but would definitely need more muscle to pull it off.

My reasons for lifting aren't all physique, I know and realise all of the benefits of lifting, specifically compound lifts, which is why I want to focus on compounds.

With that in mind, my gym (my reason for using the only gym in the area is that I also take my sister there for her weight loss (compound lifts all the way) and it's the only one she can get to with her timeframe) has no rack. I miss barbell squats. "We don't have one of those long bars with the weights on the end"- said the guy at the desk.

They do have a Smith Machine (for press, not squats obviously), and an obscene amount of Dumbbells. They also have some fixed weight barbells up to 45kg, and a bunch of machines.

This journal is also very much up here for advice. I concede to your collective knowledge.

So this is my workout for today (Day One). I was figuring out weights (last time I lifted was kg, it's mainly lbs here in England).

Height: 6 foot (183 cms)
Current Weight: 145 lbs
Goal Weight: 160 lbs

Dumbbell Deadlift (Weight for each dumbbell)
2x 22.5 kg (8 reps)
1x 25 kg (8 reps)

Weight can definitely increase

Overhead Shoulder Press (Machine)
1x 40 lbs (8 reps)
2x 50 lbs (8 reps)

Weight can definitely increase

Barbell Bent Over Rows
1x 35 kg (8 reps)
1x 40 kg (8 reps)

Last reps were hard

Leg Press
1x 150 lbs (8 reps)
1x 170 lbs (8 reps)
1x 190 lbs (8 reps)

Can go heavier, used to do 100 kg.

Food Diary

- Missed breakfast (damn new girlfriend keeping me up..)
- 2x hummus, tomato & spinach sandwiches on 5-seed bread
- 1 banana (want to change this for protein, banana and almond milk shake
- Handfull of grapes
- Handfull of mixed nuts
- 2x vegan tuna, tomato & spinach sandwiches on 5-seed bread
- ... Haven't had dinner yet.. But will probably be rice and soy chicken korma (really want to cut out soy though)

First things first, I want to figure out rough calories, so that I know roughly what to hit. Also I want to add at least one protein banana almond shake in there.. Must order protein. And I missed breakfast which would have been oats, almond milk, chia seeds and berries.

Anyway, I'm rambling. If anyone has any advice, please say!

Thanks guys :)

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