Meet up in Melbourne, Australia

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Meet up in Melbourne, Australia

#1 Postby Jmac » Sat Jun 03, 2017 4:13 am

Hi there. I joined this forum way back in 2015. I posted a bit of detail in my introduction topic.

Then I didn't use the forum.

I'm still floundering with consistency and proper diet but I do consider that exercise is now an ongoing part of my life. A vegan goes without saying. I've belonged to Jetts Northcote for a number of years and I really enjoy the community feel of the place. My workout plans include HIIT training (such as MetaFIt) and weights training.

Now, I want to work on my consistency so I'm turning back to this forum. This post is to see if there is anyone in Melbourne interested in meeting up for training? A training partner, exercise buddy, group whatever who is vegan would be fantastic. I find explaining the diet to fitness people quite annoying - ha ha.

Also happy to chat on here as well to help build an on online support network for myself.

In the meantime,

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