Would you watch this on youtube?

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Would you watch this on youtube?

#1 Postby BecomingSuperhuman » Thu Aug 27, 2015 12:46 pm

Hi Guys :)

My name is Christoffer and I'm new to this :)
A friend of mine have challenged me to become a fitness athlete on a vegan diet...

To me, in the beginning, it wasn't logical, but I've changed my beliefs about the vegan diet
Now I want to put it to the test, and show it to the world :)

You guys love being vegan, obviosly, and you like to promote this as an healthy alternative.
I would like to do the same. You know... the commond way to approach fitness is a high meat protein diet, heavy weights at the gym and of cource DRUGS. That's just how it is... but I want to show the world the road less traveled: Doing Fitness by only using calisthenics and a vegan diet. (NO DRUGS)


If I made an Youtube Channel and document my journey from where I am today to where I'm heading:
Would you watch it?

If yes: What would you like to know?
Do you have tips on how we can make it fun, educational and entertaining?

If no: Tell me why it wouldn't work (I need that input too!)
Why wouldn't people be interested?

Thanks for all the comments guys :)

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Re: Would you watch this on youtube?

#2 Postby seanE » Sun Aug 30, 2015 10:32 am

i couldn't say id watch it, but it would be good to have out there to show people that don't thingk its posable, may i ask why you want to go vegan, I'm not saying its hard, or that there ant many resins to go vegan, but if you don't have a good resin in your own head, id imaging you'd find a hamburger hard to refuse. :D but i say go for it, but buy a good camera first, no refections of your half naked body with your head chopped off in a mirror taken with an old smart phone :lol: i always mean to do some thing like that, but I haven't evan weighed my self in about 10 years.
you must learn not to let others offend you.
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Re: Would you watch this on youtube?

#3 Postby Skeering » Mon Oct 19, 2015 10:35 am

I'd watch it, post a link here when it's going. I'm essentially doing the same thing.

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