Help with getting a stronger core/still staying lean?

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Help with getting a stronger core/still staying lean?

#1 Postby veganjoeyc » Tue Jan 19, 2016 10:59 am

Hi everyone, I am new here and recently converted to veganism on January 1st, I was a pescetarian for the time being before that. :D

I am struggling with achieving lean muscle in my core/abdomen. I do about an hour of HIIT on the treadmill everyday, along with 30 minutes of mat pilates/some ab workouts. I think my struggle is that I'm not eating enough protein for my body to grow muscle. I try to aim for 50+ grams of protein a day. The one thing is I am a little scared to increase my protein and gain weight because I am an agency contracted model so I have to stay within my measurements in order for clothes to well, fit. I am 5'9" (female) and currently about 110-112 pounds. I have some muscle in my core but not as much as I would like. Are there any specific ab routines, or workouts in general that any of you do and see results as well as still stay lean?

Sorry for the lengthy first post!

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