Vegan creatine formula

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Vegan creatine formula

#1 Postby jonwade92 » Sun Oct 30, 2016 5:20 pm

Hey guys, first post here. Been vegan for a while now and started lifting a year ago with a slow down over the summer due to work. Bulked up from 170 to 215 on a purely vegan diet and exercise!

Anyway, I had been using six star x3 creatine formula until I found out they might not be vegan. The results were great, and I'd like a similar formula that combines monohydrate and HCL with other vitamins and a glucose boost for absorbtion, but it has to be vegan. I quickly bought a straight monohydrate powder to keep in my system while I figure it out.

Tell me your favorites! Cost effective is good too. I like getting 35 servings for 15 bucks!

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