How to lose fat but gain muscle the right way?

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How to lose fat but gain muscle the right way?

#1 Postby Kevining » Thu Nov 17, 2016 7:38 pm

Hello! I'm new to this forum so I don't know if I'm posting in the right section or if this question has been asked before, but I was wondering if I could get some advice on how to lose fat without losing muscle. I've been a vegan for 2 weeks now and I was a vegetarian for 2 months. I've lost some weight but I'm worried about losing muscle. I'm skinny but I have a lot of fat around my belly so I'm trying to not lose anymore muscle. I am 165 lbs. and I started going to the gym about a week ago and I've been walking for 30 minutes and trying to run for 30 minutes on and off. That's the only thing I've done because I'm really not sure of what I should do since it's only been my first week. So my question is, how can I lose weight (I know you reduce fat just in one part of your body but I am mostly fat around my stomach) without losing muscle? Should I run everytime I go to the gym? What kind of foods should I eat that'll help me lose fat but not muscle? Thanks!

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Re: How to lose fat but gain muscle the right way?

#2 Postby Doublade » Wed Nov 30, 2016 3:49 am

DO eat lots of green leafy veggies. Foods like kale, collard/mustard/turnip greens, broccoli, bok choy -- these types of foods provide vital nutrients including CALCIUM which is needed to lose weight. If you are lacking in calcium, your vegan weight loss efforts could be hampered;
Love nuts: nuts provide important HEALTHY fats we need, and are high in vegan protein. Raw nuts provide important enzymes we need. Toasted nuts tend to taste a little more interesting and make the protein more available for your body. So I recommend eating some raw nuts and some toasted nuts to get the best of both worlds. Just don't go crazy with them -- 1/4 cup nuts per day if weight loss is your goal;

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