Reduce thigh size, but maintain upper body...

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Reduce thigh size, but maintain upper body...

#1 Postby kunihealth » Sat Aug 26, 2017 8:12 am

Dear VB&G Users,

I have about a 31-32 waist, but my thighs are suited for someone with a 33-34 waist. I don't want to buy a bunch of new clothing, but I also do not want to lose the progress that I have made on my upper body. I am mostly interested in calisthenics and have reduced my weighted squatting to once every two weeks, and have added more long distance running into my plan. I would like to maintain my waist and upper body, hopefully even continue to get stronger, but lose some thigh width. Any suggestions? Is this even possible? SKIP LEG DAY!? :lol:

Thanks for any input.


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Re: Reduce thigh size, but maintain upper body...

#2 Postby jmf » Wed Sep 06, 2017 5:05 pm

very can make minor adjustments, but [genetically] you're going to be predisposed towards a certain body proportions regardless of what you do with your training. If you were to train upper body only, you'll keep a certain amount of muscle mass in your lower body...conversely, if you were to train lower body only, you'll may actually make gains in your upper body. situation...I was at 33" waist, 25" quads, 41" hips...I wanted to take some weight out of my ass, so I stopped squatting heavy and squatted only once/week. The ONLY thing that changed is my hip measurement (down to 39") but everything else stayed the same. If I cut my waist down to 30-31", my quads will drop to 23-24".

The bottom line tendencies: if you get bigger, you're going to get bigger everywhere...if you get smaller, you're going to get smaller everywhere.

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