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Snacking on helpful foods

Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2010 12:26 pm
by ericscottf
Hi all

I'm doing my best to gain some weight, attempting to eat 3000+ calories per day. I typically eat a high fiber cereal with raisins and a banana every morning, tofurkey sandwich for lunch number 1, 2 vegan boca burgers for lunch 2, and two fairly large dinners, at least one of which typically involves an entire block of tofu.
Despite this, I've been snacking a LOT lately, but not necessarily on muscle-productive foods.
Mostly pretzels, animal crackers, candy, etc.
I'd love to find easy to graze upon high protein snacks. I have found some tofu jerky here and there, but
1) it is expensive and i'd eat a ton of it
2) not easy to find (i guess i could order it online...)
3) messy to eat (candy is computer keyboard friendly, and I'm a fastidiously clean person)
4) I'm already eating a metric ton of soy per day. ( i know it is debatable as to whether or not that's bad, but some variation can't hurt!)

I know, i know, i could prepare more healthy snacks ahead of time like rice and veggies or something, but I'm wondering if there are more common quick and easy snacks that are geared towards muscle gain? Something i can graze on unconsciously while i'm working....

I have been eating ***WAY*** too much HFCS and (psychosomatically or not...) i can feel it physically.

Oh, and lastly, i don't eat anything with any significant amount of saturated fat, so that puts a dent in a lot of possibilities as well.

any suggestions?

Re: Snacking on helpful foods

Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2010 12:50 pm
by HawaiiDolphin
What about Vega vibrancy bars? They're easy and pretty calorically dense. Peanut/almond/sunbutter is pretty good, as are nuts and trail mixes. Hope this helps!
I like clif builder bars, but they have a lot of sat. fat and soy.

Re: Snacking on helpful foods

Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2010 1:00 pm
by lobsteriffic
What about some nuts like almonds? They are not very messy and have a lot of calories. They have fat, but they are not high in saturated fat.

Dipping veggies in hummus isn't very messy either. Less calories than the almonds though. But you would get some protein from the chickpeas. Making your own hummus is cheap and super easy if you have a blender or food processor.

Dried fruit is high in calories but not high in protein. Still, might be something you would like to consider to keep your cals up there.

Re: Snacking on helpful foods

Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2010 2:06 pm
by ericscottf
Nuts would result in way more saturated fat than I'm looking to eat, even ones that are low in it will be too much given how much i snack.

hummus would work if i didn't find it gross. ugh.