Best Vegan Source of Cholesterol

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Re: Best Vegan Source of Cholesterol

#16 Postby Think_machine » Tue Feb 18, 2014 8:11 pm

I threw a disclaimer in there, some vegan folks are apparently okay with eating them, not to beat a dead horse... I'm merely throwing suggestions out there. Personally I don't eat them, but we will leave the ethics debate to another forum!

As far as which vegetables would have a measurable effect on cholesterol levels, wouldn't that be mostly oils? Which veggies are they (besides possibly avocado)? Olive, coconut and sunflower oils are probably the most reasonably priced, but I'm not too familiar with many fatty veggies. Nuts and seeds are high in fat, but you can't eat very many without getting full. This would seem to throw a curve ball in the diet if you tried to use nuts and seeds to consume a higher amount of fat. Being full from all the nuts/seeds would probably compromise your appetite to eat other healthy meals.

Are there any veggies that are specifically used to increase cholesterol production in the liver? My guess is only indirectly. Possibly herbs/spices that improve the function of/detox the liver...

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Re: Best Vegan Source of Cholesterol

#17 Postby superman1234 » Tue Mar 04, 2014 1:25 am

This is actually a question that does come up, mostly among raw vegans, and the answer is that coconut oil has been successfully proven to raise cholesterol levels that are too low to healthy levels.

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