macronutrient ratio 50C-30P-20F (can't get right amount !!!)

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macronutrient ratio 50C-30P-20F (can't get right amount !!!)

#1 Postby modebar » Sat Feb 01, 2014 8:06 pm

Hi guys,I'm vegeterian,209lb and around 18% b/f, my diet was based on 2600kal and 40-40-20(CPF) ratio and was happy with a result,my next step is to go vegan.In one of the article here on the website Robert Cheeke himself recomend 50-30-20(CPF) It sound good to me,but then I got a problem.According to that ratio I would need to get 195 g of protein and here is my question...HOW????? Beans,nuts,lentils...etc I understand that, but all of them have nearly double amount carbs or fat.I can't get 195 g of protein without going over the border with carbs and fat.
Any ideas or suggestions on macronutrient ratio.
Thank you

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Re: macronutrient ratio 50C-30P-20F (can't get right amount

#2 Postby Hobbs » Sun Feb 02, 2014 2:57 pm

Pea, soy, rice, hemp, powder proteins.
You will find examples here: ... and-vegans

Edit: also vegan only proteins here:

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