Interals are a bit... off

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Interals are a bit... off

#1 Postby Weez » Mon Feb 23, 2015 1:52 pm

Hey guys, I've been on a veggie/vegan journey for about 13 months now. But, in the last 3 - 4 weeks I have noticed some irregularities in my bowel movements. I have JUST started training 5 - 6 nights a week, at least one hour, mainly cardio muscle confusion stuff to finally shift the weight and slim down. But... I have noticed this, and sorry for wording ;)

Incredibly (smelly, hot, gassy - sorry 8) ) wind
Once a day rather than twice
VERY squidgy and sticky, again, quite the smell
Quite large at times
Liver area a tad sore or irritated - as a note, I have had a diagnosis of creating too much bile before in that liver area, but that was due to fatty and meaty foods, strangely triggered after a trip to Las Vegas with a lot of red meat. But I calmed that down about 3 years ago by upping my water intake and taking a green grass/clay alkaline supplement. Something I don't take anymore as I am up in the air as to whether it is a good thing or not.
Noticed SOME acid reflux at times during workouts.

This could also be unrelated, but I seem to getting bad breath and a rather gooey ear. I assumed this was candida die off, it could well be?

Am I eating too much fruit? Is that possible? I have a lot of smoothies, mainly water/soy/almond milk with banana, berries, with nuts and seeds blended. I was juicing a lot, but have calmed that down to more or less nothing and trying to bulk up the liquids with fibre from the fruit in a blender instead. I have also noticed a lack of appetite for just plain drinking water.

Is it just my body reacting to the change of working out?

Just after some thoughts from anyone who may know or experienced something like this. The only thing I can think of right now is too much fruit with a mix of candida die off.

I'd like to avoid seeing a GP about it again as he may just want to prescribe me imoprozol (?!?!) again, which was a horrible experience, or give me anti biotics.

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Re: Interals are a bit... off

#2 Postby muchidna » Mon Feb 23, 2015 7:51 pm

Hi, i had something similar to this, i would try to have large protein shakes (like 2-2.5 scoops in a hell of alot of water), i think the combination of food + liquids in large quantities really upset my stomach

now, i always spread the shakes out, and have much less water per.

fruit is fine, i expect a large amount of liquids in your shakes, like mine may have a similar effect, try to make sure you don't get too much goop in one sitting, see if that helps

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Re: Interals are a bit... off

#3 Postby Weez » Tue Feb 24, 2015 1:52 pm

I'm going to ride it out another two weeks, see how it is then, but its starting to get a little annoying. I am hoping it is a cleansing period, as I have been very abusive to my body over the years and just being a standard vegan was nothing more than stagnating due to lack of inactivity. I am not currently taking any powder protein shakes, just fruit and veg and some nuts. I wish to gain my fitness and weight loss a little rather than build and cut right now as I like mountain biking so need to up my endurance.

I might try upping my water intake as well. I can't see it as being anything I am allergic too as I am not eating anything different than I normally would, other than dropping macro nutrient juices a little.

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