will i see results with this meal plan?

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will i see results with this meal plan?

#1 Postby jacklebodybuilder » Sun Mar 22, 2015 12:26 pm

Wondering if anyone can tell me if this meal plan is okay to build muscle.

Meal 1-
green fruit protein smoothie
4g creapure

Meal 2-
bowl of oats with organic soy milk
vitamin or preworkout drink

Meal 3-
large green salad
rice protein drink

Meal 4-
whole foods energy bar
pea protein and spirulina drink

Meal 5-
two buckwheat and rice crackers
tablespoon of peanut butter
green kale smoothie

Meal 6-
two sweet potatoes
100g lentil curry

its approx 110g of protein, i weigh 164 lbs and im 5 foot 8.

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