Help Meal Planning for Macros!

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Help Meal Planning for Macros!

#1 Postby lisak80 » Mon May 18, 2015 4:52 pm

I am in the middle of reading Shred It! and have started planning my meals with the 70/15/15 macros in mind. ...This is taking me forever to plan each week. I don't feel like it should be this hard.

I start with a template and fill in things that I like or think would be good and go back to Myfitnesspal to plug it in to see the nutritional breakdown. I make adjustments there. I find that I am struggling to find meal ideas and am starting to wonder if I'll ever be able to make the recipes I used to enjoy (I really love to cook and have all the popular vegan cookbooks). It would take me even longer to figure out the nutritional breakdown of every detailed recipe. I don't mind the occasional repeat, but I absolutely want to keep variety in my diet.

I am also having a hard time keeping the fat and protein low. I usually end up with a 60-65/20/20 ratio or similar. I also struggle with keeping the sugar low (I don't really know what this number should be), but I love fruit and would eat so much more if I didn't think it would hurt my progress. I don't feel like it should be this hard. I am hoping that if I just stick with it for a while I will just intuitively learn to make the best choices in the future and still choose recipes that are better.

I also struggle with depression and over/compulsive eating right now, so measuring is a must for me. I've done all the BMR calculations and I am shooting for about 1700 cals/day. I use Vega and Shakeology usually everyday, but not always both and not always a full serving.

Any advice on making this easier? Or encouragement to just keep going and put in the hours? Thank you!

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Re: Help Meal Planning for Macros!

#2 Postby VeganBadass_CO » Tue Jun 23, 2015 2:15 pm

hi there!

First, please please please don't sweat this. Yes, at first it will seem like you spend HOURS in the grocery store reading labels (like looking for all the sneaky places they slip whey in but don't label it as containing milk/dairy). :-) And yes, it does get easier and more intuitive once you re-learn foods and your body needs. You'll soon be able to go out to a restaurant, order up some plant-based goodness and not feel like you've fallen off the wagon. In fact, even if there isn't something specifically plant-based on the menu, you'll be able to eyeball up the various ingredients and then as the wait person to check with chef about whipping you up something with A, B, and C in it.

Second, I would suggest you start with a couple of your fav recipes and veganize them. Part of the balancing of the 70/15/15 is that this is over a whole day. So, if you swing a bit high for one meal, then compensate with the next. I would also suggest that when in doubt, just go with more veggies and macros will sort themselves out.

As long as you're not adding oils into your foods, there is a difference in naturally occuring fats (like in avocados) and various cooking oils, etc.

Likewise, there's a big difference between added sugar and table sugar to what is naturally occurring sugar in fruits. For the things that occur naturally, your body does a great job of extracting what it needs and removing the rest.

For example, an easy 'go to' for me just uses whatever is on hand. Chop up some pepper/onion, toss in mushrooms if you like and/or have them, can put in some faux meat if you like, spice it up to your liking, cook for a bit, then toss in quinoa and the right amount of water...cook till quinoa is done, makes a quick left-over meal too. Tasty in the AM on some quality toast. Chipotle peppers add some nice flavor.

Along with getting more familiar with the nutritional make up of various things, you will get more creative and confident in just making stuff with whatever you have on hand.

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