Question for seasoned vegan bodybuilders

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Question for seasoned vegan bodybuilders

#1 Postby hareaza » Tue Jul 21, 2015 10:42 pm

I've been having a hard time getting all of my cals at the 50/25/25 macro or any other close variations from it. I have no idea how to get in so many carbs taking into account that I'm aiming for 2500 cals day. So I was wondering if anyone here has had experience in relying on a higher fat diet to get all those calories in easier and without having to feel so full all day.

I once switched to a very high fat ratio (only good vegetable fats, mainly from nuts) and I felt terrific, but only after a really hard time adjusting to it as my body was forced to burn fats instead of glucose, but it turned out that it was really hard to gain weight, and one really important condition to do this type of diet, is that carbs have to be almost nil, otherwise it will detrimental to one's health (cholesterol, etc.,). So I was wondering, what would be a safe macro that would allow me to have a higher fat macro without those detrimental effects (since I would keep adding plenth of carbs) but not so little that I have to compensate with a higher carb or protein content, which is already fine at 25% of my total calories...

Thus, I wonder if anyone here has any experience in relying on a higher fat macro, say: 30% fats, 25 protein, 45 carbs? or even 35% fats with the corresponding decrease in carbs?

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